5 Ways Snapchat is Uniting Users Across the World

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Snapchat possesses a great ability to unite it’s users with a variety of topics and interests. New developments within the app make it easier than ever to connect with users from across the globe.

1. Bringing Awareness to their Culture
This 18-year-old may be young, but she has mastered the art of utilizing Snapchat in a way that even marketing experts haven’t. She connects across cultures in a new and exciting way.
Yasmeen is a Hijabi living in California, and her clever use of Snapchat has earned her recognition from varying social platforms.
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Yasmeen links her use of Snapchat to social phenomenons (as well as social platforms such as Twitter) and utilizes them to bring awareness to the misunderstandings of her religion. It is her humorous approach that has undoubtedly helped earn her a Twitter following of 3,398 (@YAYAsmeen), and has spread awareness of how little Americans know about the Hijabi religion. She utilizes cultural and social media trends in America (aka the all-important selfie) and connects them to her religion, bringing more awareness and understanding to her beliefs.


2. United in Action
Varying brands are taking to Snapchat to connect with their consumers. Designer Rebecca Minkoff took advantage of Snapchat as a marketing tool when she snapped a selected number of followers previews of her runway show from New York Fashion Week before they went down the runway.
Music Artists such as Fifth Harmony also turn to Snapchat to connect with their fans. Snapchat allows users from all around the globe to personally connect with icons such as Minkoff and Fifth Harmony.

Tweet from @FifthHarmony encouraging fans to Snapchat them

3. Collective Interests in Sports Around the World
Users were surprised to see that on July 13, 2014 they were transported to Brazil via Snapchat. While you could have viewed the game with the rest of the world via television, Snapchat offered a glimpse into the fans experience. The pride among countries was on full display during the entire game, from the first whistle to the last, and “Rio Live” captured the entire thing.
Snapchat has continued to offer these glimpses into the fan experience of sporting events. Most recently the app featured a College GameDay stream. Streams like this, along with the Rio Live, offer a one of a kind experience to users from across the world to connect with enthusiasts of varying backgrounds and cultures. Thus allowing them to enjoy the same experience but through each other’s eyes.

College GameDay Tweet

4. Providing Users Connection Through Travel
Through new location filters Snapchat is unlocking a new excitement of travel. The app has made images specific to travel destinations across the world. Users can swipe left to reveal a filter unique to their location, and share that with their friends via snap.

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Photo from Twitter

5. Snapchat’s Popularity is Rising, Allowing More Connection
The popularity of the app has steadily grown, “…(Snapchat) has already established itself as one of the most highly used apps among Millennials,” according to Andrew Lipson.
This growth will allow the app to continue evolving and continue to attract new consumers. These advancements within the app will lead to more and more connections being made across cultures, as well as across the globe.

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