Audio: Attachment, Disruption & TCKs

Screenshot 2014-04-01 15.31.40“I’m on a BIG mission to help military, expatriate and other globally mobile people around the world have easy access to experts and resources to help transition from feelings of loss & overwhelm to flourishing in the life they dream of and deserve!

Dr. Paulette Bethel, CMC


Paulette Bethel, PhD, CMC is a career USAF Supply & Logistics Officer and expert on international transition impacts, multiculturalism and family adjustment. With Ruth Van Reken, she did research on “hidden diversity” of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and coauthored Third Culture Kids: Prototypes for Understanding Other Cross-Cultural Kids, appearing in American University’s Intercultural Management Quarterly. During this call, Paulette discusses:

  • Her emergent thinking on place attachment & disruptions in relationship to TCKs
  • Comparative working definitions on interpersonal & place attachment theory
  • The potential interplay between interpersonal & place attachment to the TCK experience
  • Implications for future research
Listen to Paulette

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