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Ellen Mahoney
The Color Purple 2023
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I’m on a BIG mission to help military & expatriate families around the world have easy access to experts and resources to help transition from feelings of loss and overwhelm to flourishing in the life they  deserve!”
Dr. Paulette Bethel, CMC

Audio Seminar

Love the Global Life:
Supporting Third Culture Kids in their
Transition to Adulthood
“Relationships are transformational.” Ellen Mahoney


Ellen Mahoney
CEO, Sea Change Mentoring
Adolescent Development and Mentoring Expert
Chair, Families In Global Transition (FIGT) –  Dave Pollock Scholarship Committee

During this call, Ellen discusses: 

  • Third Culture Kids (TCKs) needs, especially when transitioning into adulthood
  • Her strengths-based approaches to TCK support
  • The importance of evidence-based mentoring practices when working with TCKs
  • Adolescent development, with a focus on social-emotional learning
  • Effective parenting styles

Ellen Mahoney is the CEO of Sea Change Mentoring, an online mentoring program that helps expat youth prepare for going back to their home countries, minimize reverse culture shock and maximize the benefits of having lived abroad. Ellen grew up as a Third Culture Kid in Japan and Singapore before moving back to the US for college.

She got her start as a high school teacher and counselor in New York City and Washington, DC. After her ten year career in education, she moved to the mentoring field where she developed the volunteer management and quality control strategies for the country’s leading online youth mentoring organization, iMentor. Ellen did her undergraduate work at the University of Oregon and graduate work at George Washington University’s Graduate School for Education and Human Development.

She has conducted trainings on mentoring best practices for a number of Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. She is on the Board of Directors and chair of the scholarship committee for Families in Global Transition, is a David C. Pollock Scholar and an Echoing Green semifinalist.

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