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The Color Purple 2023
Lost_in_Transition_BannerI’m on a BIG mission to help military & expatriate families around the world have easy access to experts and resources to help transition from feelings of loss and overwhelm to flourishing in the life they  deserve!”
Dr. Paulette Bethel, CMC

Michiyo Ambrosius, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Essence University, Life Success Mentor, psychologist, author, and yoga instructor has a unique cultural background.  She was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised by a Roman Catholic grandmother and father and by a Shinto mother in a predominantly Buddhist culture.  Her multi-cultural heritage and extensive travels in European, Asian, and African counties have blossomed into her unique ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and interests. Dr. Ambrosius  discussed:

  • Her immigrant story of entering, surviving and flourishing in a culture not originally her own
  • Her with PTSD, Grief & Trauma work using Bilateral Brain Technique
  • How the globally mobile can use emotional tuning techniques to assist with healing the stress, grief, trauma & other health challenges that sometimes come with this lifestyle
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