Black in Latin America: An Argentenian view through Soccer

Motivational speaker ponders, “Why Are There No Black Men on Argentina’s Roster?”
According to Decoste in the Huffington Post, as the 2014 FIFA World Cup wound down this summer, several news publications have released sociopolitical observations on Brazil and other World Cup-contending nations, including parallels to immigration and integration. These mind-bending pieces trace socio-political history through the lens of futbol.

It should be expected that the “rainbow nations” which were conceived by the blend of American-Indians, Spaniards and enslaved Africans would reflect their diversity in their soccer clubs.

South and Central American clubs representing Colombia, Honduras , Costa Rica, Ecuador , Uruguay , Chile all showcase the diversity of their nations. Despite their enduring racial discrimination problems, they have leveraged black athleticism to carry their teams to contention in the Copa del Mundo.

Curiously, Argentina’s club does not follow the trend.

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