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Altruistic CEO Helping Other Professionals Succeed for the Greater Good

Business success guru, Dan Steenerson, on the importance of ‘giving back, ‘paying it forward’ to help other executives succeed and become ‘unstuck’ to realize self-actualization

By Merilee Kern


Dan Steenerson is not your ordinary entrepreneur. As one of the most successful CEOs in his industry amid an esteemed 32-year career, Steenerson is now doing something most other successful business owners and executives do not: helping other professionals succeed…and, shockingly, without being paid to do so. Steenerson’s objective is simple: create more millionaires and people that are self-actualized in their career—his way of “giving back” for the enduring business success he has personally enjoyed.

Surprisingly, this foremost field authority turned business success guru is going above and beyond to dole out his success wisdom, insights, principles and philosophies to other professionals who aspire to business greatness. This he accomplishes by offering free advice-based resources online through his Web site,; through his support of disabled entrepreneurs; and through topical best practice articles he writes and publishes with respected press outlets worldwide. Millions of achievement-minded individuals have experienced Dan’s powerful gratis guidance on globally-respected media outlets including Inc., CNN Money, Fox Business, AMEX Open Forum, Leadership Excellence magazine,, and The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch Radio. While Steenerson’s no-nonsense, “tell-it-like-it-is” advice can sometimes be a tough pill to swallow for his constituents, employing his candid advice can be a business and career game changer.

Entirely unapologetic with his tough-love business insights, Steenerson doesn’t just talk the talk, he’s walked the walk with an executive-level career that’s spanned more than three decades. This includes turning his own entrepreneurial startup venture into a multimillion dollar industry leader in today’s tumultuous marketplace. Quite unlike the glut of self-proclaimed success “gurus” that have never spent a day on the business “front line,” and who are focused on selling their often canned advice, Steenerson’s astute, freely-accessible advice pulls no punches with one goal in mind: to help others achieve.

“Even though I’ve reached the pinnacle in my profession, it’s just not enough relative to the legacy I hope to leave behind,” Steenerson notes. “I want to continue pushing the throttle and help other people succeed in business, and hopefully they help even more people on their respective ends succeed in kind. This way we all ‘pay it forward,’ which will ultimately foster more frequent innovation and the constant development and refinement of new ideas, technologies, approaches and such that will continually reshape and improve industry at large. This is the kind of enduring impact I seek to make on the business landscape.”

As an on becoming “unstuck” to realize whole-life fulfillment, Steenerson asserts, “Too many people who have reached a high level of professional and financial success continue to struggle to find happiness personally. My advice to them? Give more!”

Steenerson’s Own Path to Success
Steenerson started his own career at The Paul Revere Insurance Company where, during his very first year, he established himself as one of the company’s top producers by winning the coveted national brokerage “Rookie of the Year” award. And that was just the beginning. Over the next 17 years with the company, Steenerson’s success and level of responsibility grew, thanks to his self-discipline, focus and drive–traits he learned early on at the high school military academy he attended in San Diego, California.

In 1997 when he hit a professional “ceiling” with his then employer, which had ceased taking his high level performance metrics into account, Steenerson faced what he refers to as “the middle mile”—the often precarious, volatile and risk-intensive stretch of one’s business or career plight that lies between the excitement of starting a new journey and reaching the end game objective. Having reached his own career crossroad, Steenerson he needed to make important choices so that he could continue growing within his profession and realize his full potential as a human being. This idea led him to establish his own entrepreneurial venture, Disability Insurance Services based in San Diego. Having become keenly aware that it was increasingly difficult for one carrier to meet a variety of income protection needs, Steenerson’s goal was to serve as a one-stop income protection resource for disability insurance (DI) brokers across the U.S., with his company featuring solutions from all the nation’s leading carriers.

Today, Steenerson is arguably the most successful CEO in the DI industry and his company is the fastest growing and most recognized force for premier income protection products.  He attributes his company’s success to a five-part formula: working with relentless urgency, respecting and appreciating team members, hiring the best talent, continually reinventing, and maintaining an impeccable attention to detail.  Steenerson newest focus continues to innovate within his industry with his development of an exciting new technology platform.

“I plan to continue to push the envelope, facilitate the success of others, and build a legacy that hopefully impacts others until the day I die.”



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