Guanajuato, Mexico: Three Important “F”s

There is so much more  to a destination than food, folklore and festivities, but those three things are often a baseline to start when traveling to a new place. San Miguel de Allende is a city located in the municipality Guanajuato in central Mexico. San Miguel, a colonial built city, rich with Mexican culture that is home to an abundance of reasons why you should visit… but here are three:

Food: When traveling to San Miguel, visit the Centros, or town squares (virtually in any city in Mexico) where the best food is typically found. Centros are full of street food prepared by locals that are enjoyed by other locals and visitors alike. Él Jardín, is the most popular Centro in San Miguel and is a must see for food and more.

Alley surround El Jardin in the background of San Miguel, Mexico
The alleys surrounding El Jardin provide the perfect spot for street food. Photo by Justin Barney














Folklore: One of the best things about Mexican culture is the traditional Mariachi Bands. Made somewhat cliché in pop culture, Mariachi style music portrays stories of love, culture, and tradition through guitars and the voices of men dressed in traditional charro dress. To get into the Mexican spirit, listen to Mariachi style music.

Two men preforming in a Mariachi band.
Mariachi bands float around San Miguel looking for a captive audience. Photo by Samantha Malpiedi












Festivities: Mercado de Artesanias sprawls several blocks in the heart of San Miguel. At Mercado de Artesanias you can find art, toys, jewelry, clothing, food, and so much more. This Mercado is home to many street vendors selling their own handy craft for great prices. If shopping doesn’t give you enough thrill, travel along the cascading mountains surrounding San Miguel on horseback. Not only will you experience the amazing landscape but be able to take a breather outside the busy city.

Mercado de Artesanias in Sen Miguel de Allende
This Mercado is bursting of Mexican art, perfect for souvenirs. Photo by http://www.sanmiguelguide.com/


A view from the top of a mountain on horseback.
San Miguel offers beautiful views sometimes best seen on the back of a horse. Photo by Justin Barney

Warning: traveling to San Miguel will cause you to fall in love with the culture and beauty that exists in this city. If you don’t believe it, visit San Miguel for yourself.


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