Indian and Chinese Fusion Wedding


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Two weddings, Four gowns, One love.

Jenny and Anil threw a multicultural wedding extravaganza friends and family probably will never forget.  According to Munaluchi Bridal, to celebrate Anil’s Indian culture and his bride Jenny’s Chinese culture, the couple took part in a Christian ceremony with traditional western garments, as well as, a Hindu ceremony where Jenny wore a traditional Hindu lengha complete with Henna art adorning her arms and hands.

Nadia D. Photography captured the grandeur of this amazing two day wedding celebration.  Click here to revel in the splendor…

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  1. My favorite thing about Indian weddings is the henna on the bride! I think it is so beautiful and special, as I’m sure it takes hours to create such intricate designs. I once went to a Vietnamese wedding, and the bride also had several different outfits, all of which her mother handmade!

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