Is American Celebrity Harming Social Media?

Why Celebrities Should be Banned from Social Media

With such a large world-wide following, do celebrities have an obligation to censor their posts, as they are looked at as role models? I would argue that there is no obligation to act as a role model of sorts via social channels. However, they are tied to the same social media obligation that the rest of us are; not to be a complete idiot.

I have collected some prime examples below of why celebs should just be banned altogether from social media sites.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Banner


From the very moment you land on Miley’s Twitter page  you are instantly plagued with the question of why? Why is she on an inflatable tree? Why is she wearing a sweater with fur next to a pool? Why exactly doesn’t she have pants on? And the most obvious, at least for myself, why on earth would you put yourself in such an unflattering (to say the least) pose for the entire world, including your grandparents, to see?

These are questions I cannot answer. However, her page doesn’t get any easier to read or understand. The entire feed leaves you in a constant state of why, sprinkled with bits of what were you thinking?

Miley tweet 1
Miley’s Tweet

Thanks for clearing that one up, Miley. I’m glad you used your social influence power to communicate to your 18.7 million followers that you did not in fact have a rash, but were just covered in pink glitter. She’s really making moves, people.

Cyrus does use her social media to announce happenings and events to fans worldwide. Though even this kind of seemingly beneficial use is covered in confusion and questionable choices.

Mileys tweet
Video posted by Miley

I’m learning sometimes it’s better just to not ask questions and accept that there probably is no logical reason as to why she is wearing strings of shiny metallic material. I also give up on trying to decipher through the hashtags, and what this has to do with Melbourne. We can only hope that one day Miley will wake up and realize that she has the influence power to communicate important topics to her millions of followers worldwide.

Amanda Bynes  

Ms. Bynes took a five month hiatus from the Twitter world, and arguably she probably should have extended her time away. She broke her silence on October 7, 2014 to assure the world of social media that she is not in fact the nut job the media has cracked her up to be. I’ll let you be the judge.

Amanda Bynes tweets 1
Amanda Bynes Twitter Feed

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that Amanda Bynes should maybe take a breather from the social world for a while longer, perhaps you would be interested on her feelings about being allegedly micro-chipped?

Amanda Bynes micro chip
Amanda Bynes Tweet

I rest my case.


Kim Kardashian

Kim K
Kim Kardashian Tweet

This is a classic example of the cause of people’s annoyance with celebrities on social media. You are complaining about your personal trainer. Again, I repeat, you are complaining about having a personal trainer, to personally train you. The amount of people who would love to have the opportunity to pay someone to come in and train them is unreal. You complaining on social media about how you spend your wealth is so ridiculous it is amusing.

She breaks up her posts with the occasional plug about her work ventures.

Kim K tweet 2
Kim Kardashian Tweet

Getting paid to live your life while being followed by a camera crew is pretty meaningful work. Thanks for sharing!

Justin Bieber

Please, raise your hands if you are surprised to see that the Biebs posted a selfie.

Justin Bieber Selfie

I feel that it’s safe to assume that there are no hands in the air. Why post meaningful content to your 55.7 million followers when you can post these awesome selfies?


Justin Bieber Tweet

And then there’s this. Not sure what it means, but does it really matter? 52,797 people found this tweet meaningful enough to retweet it.

The above excerpts are just skimming the surface of the complete ignorance that is celebrities social media channels. All joking aside, it truly is a shame that they don’t see and utilize the power that is made available to them through their social channels and followers.

Lastly, I leave you with some wise words from Biebs himself.

JB 3
Justin Bieber Tweet

Hopefully he has been thinking of his social media practices and is ready to make a change, but one can only hope.

With such a prominent following from users worldwide, celebrities have an amazing platform to lobby for causes that are meaningful. Instead they post selfies and banter on about ridiculous happenings that hold no relevance. It is this complete disregard that leads me to the conclusion that celebrities truly should be banned from social sites.



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  1. Morgan this was too funny! The humor in your writing kept me interested the whole time reading it!  I love how you used examples of each post! Great article!

  2. Awesome awesome humor in this post! Totally made me laugh, this is something I could see being a bit on Saturday Night Live or something. So true, I have such a love hate relationship with celebrities and this shows how stupid they can be sometimes haha.

  3. You literally read my mind!! Honestly, I have pulled away from twitter because of celebrities on there.  This article was humorous and still managed to bring great view points.  

  4. Twitter is a bunch of people pandering to the masses. Everyone making fun of Amanda Bynes apparent mental problem was pretty sickening. Pretty crazy what the mob mentality/being physically removed can allow people to do.

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