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Screenshot 2014-04-01 22.12.09meme agency Co-Founders Tommy McMillion and Natalie Diekmann met 20 years ago while studying at Colorado State University. Now they head one of one of the west’s most formidable marketing agencies.

With offices in Denver and Los Angeles, meme is kicking marketing tush–and not bothering to take any names (Goliath marketing firms–watch out…meme is comin’ for ya.)

What makes meme different is its laser-like focus on culture, and on creating massive impact on the personal level through use of our five senses: Taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. “The meme Senses Methodology is designed to take the marketing discovery, development and implementation process from the roots of psychological engagement.  meme doesn’t just market.  We create EXPERIENCES.” McMillion said.

Since experience is at the heart of the CULTURS audience, we took notice.  After all, for Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids and those who are racially-, ethnically- and culturally-blended, our collective culture is about the experience.  The moving back and forth between worlds that makes us alike, no matter what international country(ies), national city(ies) or blend of persons we call our own. Our experiences create a virtual culture to which we all belong and understand.  Okay, I thought.  meme agency “gets it.”

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Centuries strong strategy: meme agency brings the knowledge. Photo by Tommy Mcmillion

Then came the coup de grâce — once I heard meme agency’s tag line, our converging paths could not be denied.  Amplifying culture.
Then I thought, “meme gets us.

Why “amplifying culture”?  
Those of us that make marketing our living — in whatever form — hope that something we create, say, coin, craft, sing, write, blast across the airwaves or plaster on the side of a building will stick. Someone will notice. And say something to someone else. About what they saw or heard or smelled or felt…
“Tommy [McMillion] and I are fascinated with this concept. And we’ve decided to challenge one another to find ways to amplify these attempts at culture. Culture of a people, culture of a company, culture of a family, culture of a genre, culture of a city or a nation—there’s an inner weaving of every ‘culture’ that is just begging to be shared with like-minded souls, and we like to think we’re on a mission to uncover it,” said Diekmann.
We started the meme agency so that we could compile all of our individual lessons and life’s ah-ha’s into something that mattered. We both have families, we both have a dream to be someone who matters — for ourselves, but also for the sake of the people we love.”
KISMET.  It was meant to be.

Through Diekmann and McMillion’s talents, meme agency exhibits expertise in music, art, entertainment, relationship-building, design, photography, technology, psychology, process, critical thinking and ideation, and oh-so-much-more.  “We get paid to make people happy,” enthused McMillion. “By increasing ROI in creative ways, while continuously learning by surrounding ourselves with brilliant people.  That’s aaaaaallll fun!!!”

CULTURS Global Multicultural Magazine is proud to announce its partnership with the meme agency.  We look forward to producing outstanding events around the globe ~ and amplifying our collective culture.

find out more about meme agency, here.

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With marketing strategy as awe-inspiring as its photography ~ meme agency gets it. Photo by Tommy Mcmillion

A meme (pronounced: meem)
Memes are thoughts, concepts, ideas, behaviors, and/or styles that spread from person to person within cultures.  They’re transmitted like viruses from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.

meme is a marketing agency committed to creating ideas and behaviors that spread from person to person within a culture in a positively disruptive, grounded, and effective way.

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  1. This is a perfect explanation of why it is so important to communicate between cultures. Both Meme Agency and Culturs are much needed ways to explore cultural ideas around us.

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