My Native American Culture (Part 1)

Chiricahua Apache is a Native American Indian Culture. I am part of this amazing culture. This is an interesting culture that is very different and unique from American culture today.



Chiricahua Apache people’s clothing were much different than what Americans wear today. Ladies and young girls wore a lot of leather.  The leather was either buffalo or deer skin. Many people now  wear leather but not as much as what the Chiricahua Apache people wore. The ladies also wore many beads or shells.

Earings Made Out Of Bones And Other Parts Of An Animal
Earrings Made Out Of Bones And Other Parts Of An Animal

They used beads and shells for jewelry. Many people these days do still wear beads and shells but, that is the only kind of jewelry they had. Men and women also wore earrings.  The earrings they wore were made out of either shells, beads, or even animal bones. The women made skirts out of buffalo and deer skin and cut them to look like fringe. On the other hand, the men wore different clothes than the ladies. Men made shirts out of buffalo or deer skin. The men also made pants out of leather. Leather these days is very expensive, but the Chiricahua Apache people did not have to pay a penny for it because they made it from the animals they hunted. Both women and men wore many many colors. Sometimes the color on their outfits meant something to the tribe or sometimes they just liked the color. All of the Chiricahua Apache people dressed very proper.

Apache Men Clothing
Chiricahua Apache-Indians-girl-clothing
Apache Woman Clothing



The Chiricahua Apache people did not use the same writing as us people today. Chiricahua Apache people used symbols as writing. Only they knew and understood their symbols. They did not know how to read and write like us. They also did not go to schools to learn. Chiricahua Apache kids were taught by elders, such as their grandparents and parents.

Apache Writing







Linda Brown (Grandmother) – Rita Montes (Great Great Grandmother) – Piedad Montes  (3rd Great Grandmother)



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