My Native American Culture (Part 2)

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Fire Bread


Some of the foods that the Chiricahua Apache people are different than what we eat today. They ate more meat than anything else. Today, Americans eat many fruits, veggies, chips, burritos, etc. However, Buffalo was the main source of food for Chiricahua Apache, but they ate anything they find on land. Some meat they ate other than buffalo was deer. If they were hungry and only wanted a snack they would would eat a rabbit, a snake, a lizard, and even bugs. They also made firebread which is really good.

Buffalo was the main source of food

Unlike today, the Chiricahua Apache people hated wasting food no matter what kind of food it was, including bugs. They also hated when other people wasted food. Chiricahua Apache people did not waste even a little bit of anything because they loved nature. An animal gave up its life so people should respect that and never waste food. The Chiricahua Apache people used the bones for earrings and medicine. They used the fur for coats, blankets, and also clothing. They used teeth for many weapons such as knifes and parts of their bow and arrows. They used the meat for meals. They used lungs for pouches. They used everything of the animal or bug. No matter what, they used the parts for it was very useful.

Earrings made from an animal (buffalo)


The language of the Chiricahua Apache people was not very different from todays language. Many people around the world still speak their language. The Chiricahua Apache people speak Eastern and Western Apache. Eastern and Western Apache are very similar to Spanish and French. South West people today speak the language. The word Apache means “fighting men.” Chiricahua Apache people use the word Gah. Gah means rabbit in their language. Another word they use is tjj’ and that means horse. Dog is goshe. Man is Homme and Haskiiyii. Woman in their language is Femme and Izdzannii. Moon is lune and sun is soleil.


The movement to follow the buffalo

The Chiricahua Apache people also traveled. They traveled to follow the buffalo. They pretty much only traveled when they could not find anymore food. The people today do move to different houses but not every season. The Chiricahua Apache people moved to different locations every season. They traveled by horse and foot. The Chiricahua Apache people traveled everywhere on the whole Earth. When there was no schools, stores, buildings, or anything, the Native Americans lived here where we are standing. The Chiricahua Apache people traveled a lot.





Linda Brown (Grandmother) – Rita Montes (Great Great Grandmother) – Piedad Montes  (3rd Great Grandmother)




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