Natalie’s Black Culture

I interviewed my 10 year old cousin named Natalie Marie Burl- Maxwell. She is mixed with black and white. She is a very proud and strong little girl. She wanted to talk to me about her black background with a little of her mom’s help. Natalie’s mom is my amazing aunt, we call her Leslie. Leslie and Natalie come over to hang out with my family all the time. Natalie and I have a very close relationship. Natalie takes turns going to her mom’s house and her dad’s house. Natalie has an older brother that lives with her mom. She doesn’t have any siblings from her dad. Now let’s explore Natalie’s black culture!

Natalie is learning to speak a little French from her mom. Natalie’s mom speaks fluent French. Her grandma, and her grandpa are teaching her how to speak some Spanish.  

Natalie does gymnastics and dance. Her whole family on her mom’s side did or is doing track or has done or is doing a sport. I once did track…. IT WAS TERRIBLE!! I hate all the running. Natalie’s mom says that they are going to make Natalie do some track. Natalie is constantly asked if she does track or swimming because they say she looks like that kind of person. Natalie is in perfect shape and always thinks she can improve. She is not terribly excited for track, but we all know she will do great!! Natalie’s brother did track and soccer, Her uncle played in the NFL for the Rams, Natalie’s mom ran track and did gymnastics, etc. Her whole family is or was very athletic. I can see why Natalie is.

My family and Natalie’s family does a lot of cultural food. Leslie makes the best gumbo. Gumbo is like a roux based soup. There are so many things that you can put in gumbo. Some ingredients that she puts in hers is onions, garlic, peppers, chicken, sausage, etc.


Natalie’s family does fried green tomatoes sometimes. I have never tried it myself but they tell me it’s really good.


They do Dirty rice. Dirty rice is just whatever kind of rice with seasoned ground beef.


Chitterlings are pig intestines with seasoning. Man it sounds so gross, but is is SOO good!!


Red beans and rice is exactly what it sounds.


The food that Natalie and her family eat are or sound so good.

Natalie’s family celebrates all the normal holidays. They celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween

Some special things that her and her family like to do are go to Elitches, they have movie nights, they go on trips, etc.

I love the fact that I share this culture with Natalie and her family. Natalie and her family are amazing and so supportive. I love you guys!


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