Youthful skin for mountain dwellers

According to Lisa Crary, CEO and Owner of Boulder, Colorado-based Sanitas Skincare and Cowgirl Skincare, dry skin is one of the biggest issues for those who live in or around the mountains. A harsh climate can mean dry skin, which can lead to an aged, weather-beaten look.

“I see more dry skin and skin that’s been exposed to the elements than we see in other locations,” said Crary, who suggests using products that exfoliate while also encouraging skin to produce its own natural moisture.

From economic necessity to high-priced-splurge, effective skin treatments abound, so I’ve tested a few products that care for your skin, while costing pennies per application:

Screenshot 2014-03-12 21.14.49Suggestion #1 — Petroleum Jelly. 

Commonly known as “Vaseline,” I’ve met women with essentially wrinke-free faces who tout this as their beauty product of choice. Model-turned-producer Tyra Banks publicly touted it as her top beauty secret, while scores of everyday women create shock with this simple, yet effective and inexpensive moisturizing regimen: Water and Vaseline.

“It’s all I use,” relayed busy working mom Elana Perry.  “Everywhere, including my face.”  According to Perry, her sister, mother and mother-in-law all dutifully follow this treatment system, and I can attest – all four have similarly smooth, glowing and seemingly wrinkle-less faces and bodies.

Gerrie Summers, About.com’s guide to multicultural beauty notes that cosmetic grade petroleum jelly is classified as “non-comedogenic,” (doesn’t cause blackheads or whiteheads).  She does point out, however that its sealant properties – the same properties that help seal in your own skin’s moisture – “can prevent the skin from releasing toxins, sweat and sebum,” which may be problematic for some.

Face aside, petroleum jelly is a great option to protect skin from harsh winter weather, help heal minor abrasions, soften elbows, knees, lips, feet and hands. At a cost of less than $2 for a jar that lasts months, this option is the most economical and very effective.

Suggestion #2 — Bio Oil.

Described as a “moisturizing oil that smoothes and tones scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It also is effective for aging and dehydrated skin.” Product manufacturers boast being America’s #1 selling multi-use skincare oil.

I discovered this product after surgery left a quarter-inch-thick, three-inch-long raised scar on my abdomen.  Shocked at how quickly and how well the scar dissipated, I  then used it to help fade “after-forty beauty marks.” The result?  Bio Oil is my “go to” for head –to-toe moisturizing, skin-evening and tightening.

I do find Bio-Oil to be a bit oily — easily counter-acted by coating skin with water before application.  It absorbs quickly however, leaving little residue.  A powerful and effective multi-tasker, Bio Oil costs $8-$32 at the local supermarket or warehouse stores like CostCo and Sam’s Club.

Suggestion #3 – Sanitas Skincare

Screenshot 2014-03-12 21.17.02Crary emphasizes that Sanitas stands out because of its ingredients, “tested over thirty forty years, we know they work. We don’t skimp on the concentration of the active ingredients, we use filler only if we have to. As a matter of fact some of our products are 100% active,” she said.

Formulated, manufactured and distributed in Colorado, Crary shows its cost consciousness, “a lot of the products over the counter have been watered down. You only use tiny amounts [of ours] because it’s so concentrated — one of our cleansers lasts well over three months if used appropriately. Not only that, you’re getting faster results because of the high concentration of active ingredients.”

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa liked Sanitas’ products so much, they requested custom formulations specifically for use in their spas. As a result, Sanitas will introduce 52 new spa products for Red Door in February 2013.

Available through professional aestheticians or www.sanitas-skincare.com, which currently offers an introductory skin care kit for $59.95






Suggestion #4 – La Isha Skincare

Denver-based La Isha Skincare Founder Sharon Gnatt Epel started the company after researching holistic use of medical grade essential oils that fully healed potentially-debilitating, second-degree chemical burns to her teenage son’s hands. Describing it as the first all-natural skin care company devoted to the anti-aging beauty needs of women over 35, Epel noted, “La Isha was created in response to disturbing research showing that women have unknowingly been poisoning themselves for years in order to look good.”  She referred to synthetics and chemicals in beauty products that now are linked to breast cancer and birth defects.

This luxury skin care line stands out because it hand crafts products in small batches to guarantee maximum potency. The formulations are so potent, they must be packaged in glass rather than acrylic or plastic containers.

The prices aren’t for the faint of heart, but they feel great on the skin, last a long time and are highly-effective.  La Isha offers a $15 Anti-Aging skin care sampler set with one of each of its best-selling products.  Epel cautions, “don’t be fooled by the small size of our samples: unlike other cosmetic serums you may have used in the past, ours are highly concentrated and meant to be used only a few precious drops at a time.”

For more information, visit La-Isha.com


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