TIME FOR CHANGE – special issue


Two years ago today we got Culturs Print Magazine into our fifth brick and mortar store (see our stories for that photo). Two months later, we were in 220 Books-a-Million stores. Then 500 Barnes and Noble Stores, then Whole Foods and more independent bookstores until we were in almost 2,000. The pandemic changed all that because – well many businesses are closed, so we had to pivot. Then, this GLOBAL #BLM movement with protests in Germany, the U.K., now people in Canada and Australia are speaking up for indigenous rights (“our black people,” as African Australian model Duckie Thot called them). Even K-pop fans got in the mix by taking over the white lives matter hashtag on twitter this week. Culturs reaches more than 1,000,000 in 200 countries with our print, digital, mobile, social platforms and 500,000 on email. It’s so nice to have others in the fight with us, the fight to be seen, truly seen. The fight to be heard. Our emergency “TIME FOR CHANGE” Issue comes out on Monday with 25% more pages than normal. It’s full of human storytelling, tips, tools, practical advice, uplifting information and free posters from our contributors on 5 continents and partners all over the globe. It especially is intended to help us all navigate these historic times and uplift and amplify the voices of those who identify as cross-cultural and intersectional around the world: because everyone should feel like they matter. (This already was our slogan, and we did not piggy back on the blm movement — our slogan is about a feeling of home, community and belonging for those in-between worlds). This issue centers on Blackness around the globe – but every day, we celebrate blackness of all kinds and all races and ethnicities, and especially those in-between. proceeds support cross-cultural education around the globe. Pick up copies for your friends, gift them, spread the word about what we do — let’s amplify our voices! Preorder today! The issue comes out the second week of June.

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