Series – Part 3 of 3: Gerald Ambrosine’s Guide

The Color Purple 2023
Get out of the bubble! Make the jump! Find yourself in a new environment and embrace it!

Nowadays, a lot of people find themselves rooted in one spot for significant spans of time. Nowadays, quite a few of those people are amidst an environment that welcomes them, and it is accepting of the nature of how they look within the collective of those around them. Nowadays, the way they walk, talk, speak and act is catered to the surroundings that, that one has come to understand through years of experience. In other words, nowadays, they fit in, right there, where they have come to believe that they belong.   
Gerald Ambrosine is a man opposite this criteria. Rather, Ambrosine was raised within a military family that, rather often, found themselves in a new environment due to the need to move in order to accommodate for militaristic demands. Despite finding himself anew and traveling frequently, Gerald had grown used to this lifestyle and made ease of his particular circumstances. Constantly negotiating between Trinidad and the United States made for challenging moments at times; however, challenges arise in many cases, and he trekked forward.


You never know what’s actually out there until you got out and look.

Ambrosine holds a passport in both hands. One hand a passport for the United States, and in the other, Trinidad. He has a character that’s foundation rests upon the ability to travel willingly through different regions around the world. He’s had exposure in places that proved difficult to fit into. He claims that in the years before age 10, one can find it more challenging to swallow a new culture because you don’t look or sound like those around you. However, with more experience, one can then learn to understand the difference them and further blend into their surroundings.

“More or less, as opposed to just dealing with what you’re dealt at a young age, with time and knowledge, you become more savvy to what’s going on around you.”

With his perception comes a confused reality around what he sees in many of the lives that neighbor him.

“It still surprises me that you can live in Denver and haven’t even gone to places like Highlands Ranch or Westminster. Places that are so close to you. But it’s so far out of reach, that these people don’t travel a short 10 miles to experience a different community.”


Get up and find out what’s right beside you.

Whether they be means of technology or the newspapers that speak to them, people are becoming more and more content with familiarizing one place alone. Ambrosine thinks these people are at a disadvantage. Traveling and putting yourself into differing surroundings gives one the ability to pull an understanding of why one might have differences. Small variants such as traveling stateside, or just between villages around your own, help you in receiving a broadened perspective. Being aware of things foreign to you is one thing, but getting involved and experiencing them firsthand is on a completely different level. Understanding will pull humanity together and develop a commonplace between us all.

“When you go out on a conquest for a widened view, you’d come to acknowledge that everyone is just trying to do what’s right for them and their family. If we were all just a little bit more mobile, we’d have a greater appreciation for all humanity within our societies.”

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