Twenty Cultural Singledom Ads

For decades, women have been advertised as weak and fragile. But some of the standards have changed recently with women being portrayed as living strong, independent lifestyles. After all, men are not needed in all stages of life. However, advertisements toward women today can still be demeaning and subjective. Some of the following advertisements are empowering, some condone cheating, others show the stark reality of men’s dominance over women in foreign countries, and some paint a sad light on single women. These advertisements portray different brands and products to show how women are expressed via the media.


  1. Disney’s Skewed View of Women in 20th Century Disney Timeline
  2. Leftover Girls of China
  3. TWA Solo Women Flyers
  4. UN Ad, Times Two
  5. Taiwan’s Stereotypes
  6. Domineering Nature of Men
  7. Dominating Egyptian Women
  8. Japan’s Satirical Car Ad
  9. Capitalism Keeping Us Single
  10. Save Our Desperate Daughters Wine Ad
  11. Huffington Post’s Worst Female Ads
  12. Controversial Single Women Ads
  13. Lean Cuisine Targets Single Women
  14. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


  1. Singapore Girl
  2. Rescue Yourself
  3. All About Inspiration
  4. Mercedes Benz of China
  5. Asian Empowerment
  6. Raise Your Right Hand



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