Wicca out of the shadows

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There’s a good chance that at some point or another, you have encountered a pop culture interpretation of a witch. In fact, witches are a part of the lore of many cultures all over the world. In America, witches are depicted with long warty noses and green skin, and were once historically hunted during the 1700s most famously in the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts, U.S. In Mexico, witches are called “Brujas”, and are often blamed for misfortune in ones life or relationships. And in Nairobi, Kenya in Africa there are two common practices of witchcraft that include conjuring genie like deities or using spells to achieve a desired outcome.

Wicca is a religion that is actually quite popular in the modern world today, so much so that there are an estimated 750,000 people who practice it in the US alone.

The map below shows rough percentages of world populations that practice Wicca, it is interesting to note that the highest percentages are in the US, and places like Europe and South America.

According to the Church and School of Wicca, the practice draws upon principles such as harmony, reincarnation, and power through knowledge, which is quite contrary to the popular belief that Wicca is a satanic religion.



Wicca Worldwide, from Nordic Wiccan BlogSpot

So while the practice of Wicca remains mysterious to some, it is worth noting that it is a definite part of our world religions, and ever fascinating the curious in all of us.



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