XOTV: WOMEN IN HISTORY. How a Holocaust Survivor Gives Back.

Culturs and XOTV celebrate Women’s History Month 2021 and International Women’s Day on March 8th this year.


In doing this, we look at a “woman in history,” who beat the odds and now gives back.

XOTV: INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Barbara (left) with her Mother, Father and older sister Ann.
Barbara (left) with her Mother, Father and older sister Ann.


Barbara Steinmetz is a Holocaust survivor whose family fled Nazi occupation during WWII in Europe. Her father, a hotel owner in former Italy (current Croatia), saw the writing on the wall and knew it was time to pack up and leave.


Her family hid throughout Europe for two years. They escaped to the Caribbean when she was four with the help of an international refugee organization. Later she immigrated to the U.S. She now gives back to the same organization that helped save her and her family’s lives. Today we celebrate this woman in history.

Click the video below to watch Barb’s story:

Click above or click here to watch Barb’s story


  1. I hope that more journalists cover subjects on women’s rights and subjects about human rights so more people can acknowledge humanism and respects for other cultures that more people. I feel strongly that society should be more triggered to get insights about different human right’s issues or culture issues that can shed light on equality.

    1. Yes, I agree. I think the more we do articles and video pieces on diversity, the more obvious our universal humanity will become. We are all connected, just different branches of the same tree. We are one. <3 🙂

  2. Barbara Steinmetz is a true inspiration to all women. The bravery she displayed just as a young child and into her adulthood is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. The fact that she gives back to the same organization that saved her family’s life displays strength!

  3. What an incredible story Barbara Steinmetz has to share. Her strength she has gained is very apparent and it is great to see and read about the amazing women around the world like her! It is great to know that the same organization that helped Steinmetz is still saving lives today and Steinmetz gets to contribute!

  4. It is so empowering to see stories such as Barbara Steinmetz especially after all the hardships people like her endured. Stories like this are so important to share because humanity is something that is not covered enough in the grand scheme of journalism. I also think educating people on really amazing resources such as this organization is so crucial because of how many lives this organization helps/saves! How incredible it is that Steinmetz is able to contribute to the organization that once helped her.

    1. I agree and I think teaching the younger generations about the realities of this time really enforces the necessity & ideals of community and humanity as a functional component for everyday living and education regardless of the country. We all need to know our global history and that we are all connected. 🙂 What harms or uplifts one affects all.

  5. Barbara Steinmetz’s story is very inspirational, I think that the media forgets about the stories people like her and I think these are the most important stories to learn and hear about. Although this is a story based off of things that happened a long time ago, I things like this is still happening and the refugee organization that helped Barbara is still helping other people, which should be talked about more in journalism. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing Barbara’s story. Sometimes I think history collects dust and stories talked about as much today. However, this woman is a true inspiration and deserves to be celebrated. I like how you included her own words in an interview as well.

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