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I started Culturs Magazine to create community and enhance human connection for in-between identities. As one who identified with seven cultures on four continents before age 19, the only place I felt like people understood me was, well — nowhere. Coming from a family with multiple cultures, living in even more cultures as I approached adulthood, and often not looking or thinking like those around me, led me to embrace the in-between.

Today, more than 238 million people around the globe have similar experiences. In the United States, people of color under age 18 make up the majority population. By 2045, that will be the entire populace.

Culturs provides the ONE. SINGLE. SPACE. That covers topics and people important to this pertinent and INCREDIBLY LARGE niche market.
It represents the People, Places, and Products to help our audience members unleash their inherent Power… It’s a place to understand and be understood — much like the feeling of warmth from being at home.

We look forward to welcoming you…

Chief Executive Officer
Culturs global multicultural lifestyle network
Founder, Culturs – the global, multicultural magazine

Embrace your cultural

Because everyone should feel
like they matter.

If you are multiethnic, multicultural, mixed-race or geographically mobile (like immigrants, refugees or Third Culture Kids (TCKs)) – WELCOME HOME.


  • 238+ Million People living outside their Passport Countries
  • Almost half of millenials are multicultural and make up 47% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product*
  • One Trillion buying power
  • As of 2019, people of color make up MORE THAN HALF of the underage US population

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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Health & Human Connection


  • December 2023 - Holiday - 5th anniversary print celebration
  • January 2024 - Winter/The Health Issue, Destination: Valencia
  • March 2024 - Spring/Self Care, Destination: Cairo
  • June 2024 - Summer/The Carnival Issue,
    Destination: Trinidad And Tobago
  • September 2024 - Fall/ All About Dreams, Destination: Tokyo
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