In the 21st century, assessing someone’s background from outward appearance isn’t enough — hidden diversity means people increasingly bring more to the table than meets the eye. Whether through travel, nationality, race or ethnicity, many of us straddle culture in one way or another.

CULTURS global multicultural magazine intends to celebrate the unique perspectives of such people.  Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids, and racially-blended and culturally-blended people can read lifestyle articles and research from their point of view.  One that shows a new-world order — a new normal that affects not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

Vision is a global, multi-cultural lifestyle magazine for Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids and racially-, ethnically-, and culturally-blended people.


CULTURS includes topics of interest to these culturally mobile populations, highlighting items that affect or topics that include members of this population.


by in 2014, represents the first stage of impending launch of the Institute for Global Culture Research proposed to be housed in the Journalism Department of Colorado State University in 2016.

Partnered is partnered with the Department of Journalism at Colorado State University, including original content published by students in Class Workshop “Mobilizing Global Culture,” along with articles by celebrated experts from around the globe.


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