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Doni Aldine
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Award-winning marketer, editor and writer | Cultural Fluidity Expert | Speaker | Facilitator with Regular features in Major Media Outlets

Dismissing the sense of community in your organization is costing you money.

Organizations that pay attention 21st Century Cultural Diversity innovate more, increase profits and reduce turnover.

To be successful in today’s market, take the time to align with your culturally diverse talent and consumers. Your shareholders and stakeholders will thank you.


  • 238+ Million People were living outside their Passport Countries as of 2018? (TED)
  • Almost half of millenials are multicultural and their $1 Trillion buying power make up 47% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product
  • As of 2019, people of color make up MORE THAN HALF of the underage US population? (U.S. Census)

Misunderstanding this audience costs turnover, harms company culture and stalls revenue.

As a globally mobile visionary leader, I achieve high return on investment by leveraging expertise in cultural fluidity, content creation, public relations, social media marketing, promotion development, and fiscal planning to help multinational corporations increase profits through positive company climate created by understanding culturally fluid diverse talent and consumers.

My career encompasses marketing and communications for corporations, retail, and education, and editing for print and digital magazines. I have worked with:

  • NBC/Universal, Warner Bros., Turner, ABC’s The View, Good Morning America, Lifetime Television, EXTRA TV, Soap Opera Weekly, Woman’s Day, Pregnancy Magazine, Woman’s World, Oxygen, Oprah Magazine, and more.
  • Celebrities, including Patty Jenkins (Director, Wonder Woman), Ryan Eggold (New Amsterdam, The Blacklist), Jimmy Smits (Bluff City Law, West Wing), Naomi Watts (King Kong, Birdman), and Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries, The Intern).
  • Business and political names, including Colorado Governors John Hickenlooper and Bill Ritter, Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, Eula Adams (First Data Corporation), L. Don Brown (Coors), and Sol Trujillo (AT&T) among others.

I use my global business background, academic training, and career experience in media, marketing, and multiculturalism to create innovative strategies with vision.

Doll Avant
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Speaking Topic: What’s Climate Got to Do With US?: Connecting the Dots between the Climate Crisis, Environmental Justice & The Urgency of Now. In 21st century society, climate anxiety is at an all-time high (50% of respondents ages 16-25 report high anxiety over environmental concerns, according to Yale), and consumers are letting their values govern their purchasing decisions (91% of Millennial consumers are willing to switch brands to one associated with a cause, according to Forbes). Too often, however, the issues affecting black, brown and low-income communities are not connected to the larger movement on climate. Too many of us are standing on the sidelines when it comes to climate, because we haven’t connected climate to impacts in our daily liveSA proper 21st century view of climate change will necessarily focus on the hyperlocal impact of corporate environmental policy, especially in underserved communities. To drive social impact, corporate social responsibility, and market relevancy, leaders of the future must position their companies as a part of the environmental solution – this has an impact on public health, economic development and overall quality of life for your customers and employees. Leaders who can influence sustainability-related decisions will be the leaders driving their organizations into the 21st century. Corporate executives are expected to have a clear strategic response to climate and environmental issues, but there are few sources of thought leadership that can help senior management and C-suite executives create sound strategic plans for a climate-challenged world. What if there was a framework for corporate executives from diverse backgrounds to extend the corporate activism of the George Floyd/2020 era by creating environmental justice initiatives that help major corporations reach 2030 ESG goals while increasing brand loyalty and market share? Doll Avant, Founder and CEO of Aquagenuity (“The World’s Largest Water Database.” –Google) will share the Three Key Metrics of Successful Sustainability Initiatives, a proprietary framework that will help corporate executives have impact on underserved and underrepresented communities while helping their companies achieve major SDG/ESG initiatives. Leaders will learn:

  • How directly linked climate change is to water quality in local communities
  • What the data says about black and brown communities being the most impacted
  • How issues like inequity and environmental justice connect to the larger discussion on climate change and sustainability
  • How to set up a new program in your organization that will set you apart as a leader in the sustainability space
  • How to turn social impact initiatives into projects and programs that have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line

About Doll Avant (Headshot attached):Doll Avant is an award-winning inventor, data scientist, graduate of Harvard University, & TEDx speaker. An internationally recognized expert on water quality, climate change, and environmental justice, Doll is Founder & CEO of Aquagenuity, the “Google Search for water quality,” and has raised millions of dollars for clean water from Softbank, Google and Amazon. Doll was honored by Google with the global designation of “Google’s Woman of Water” and featured on Google’s homepage for building the “world’s largest water database.” She is now building a coalition of K-12 and college students called Guardians of H2O in partnership with Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation, currently serving over half a million students worldwide. Doll has received awards and recognition from Google, Apple, Amazon, Singularity University @NASA Research Park, JP Morgan, Coca-Cola, and Ocean Visions, a collaborative of MIT, Stanford, Georgia Aquarium, the Smithsonian, and the United Nations for her groundbreaking work in clean water. About Aquagenuity:Aquagenuity® is the “Google Search” for water quality and environmental data, helping you check your water as easily as you check the weather. Honored as “the world’s largest water database” by Google, selected as a global environmental leader by Apple, and winner of the Amazon Innovation Award, Aquagenuity has been recognized by the New York Times, Forbes, IBM, SoftBank, BMW Mini’s Urban-X, TechCrunch, WIRED Magazine, and on the homepage of Google for helping consumers, corporations and cities find out: “What’s In Your Water?” (plus air, soil, and climate) in real-time from any smart device.

Dr. Paulette Bethel
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Former Army Luitenant, mother to Third Culture Kids, culturally- and racially-blended Hawaii-based Dr. Paulette Bethel, American Family Therapist and relationship expert on the importance of transition and its affect on relationships. Breakthrough coaching. Helps people break through barriers. Transition adjustment expert.

Rising to the Top with Moxie: Amplifying Self-Efficacy, Voice and Influence in Leadership.

Romita Bulchandani
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Speaking Topics(s):

  • The Enlightened Executive: Merging Spiritual Wisdom with Corporate Strategy
  • Leadership Alchemy: Turning Corporate Experiences into Spiritual Gold
  • From Corporate to Cosmic: Leveraging Spiritual Insights for Leadership Excellence

Romita invites you on a transformative journey from the monotonous currents of corporate life to the expansive realms of enlightened leadership, enriched with spiritual insights. This speech addresses the all-too-familiar feeling of being caught in a relentless cycle, offering a path to break free and embrace each day as a rehearsal for becoming the leader you aspire to be.

Romita emphasizes the profound impact of integrating spiritual wisdom into leadership, not only for personal transformation but also for creating a positive ripple effect within your organization. By embodying this enlightened approach, you become a catalyst for greatness, inspiring and nurturing the development of great leaders around you.

Attendees will leave equipped with actionable strategies to turn their daily corporate experiences into opportunities for significant personal and professional growth, igniting a wave of positive change and leadership development within their companies.

Myra Dumapias
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San Antonio-based Third Culture Kid Expert, Myra Dumapias is Executive Director of TCKid.com, a private forum to help TCKs find a sense of belonging. TCKid has been featured on the BBC, ABC News, The Telegraph, the U.S. Department of Defense and Education Week. Dumapias transformed TCKid.com into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity and implemented new programs such as TCKid Research Bridge, which aims to promote global cross-cultural research studies and cultivate the relationship between researchers and the public, and TCKid TV, to inform the public and entertain TCK and cross-cultural communities.

Hayden Greene
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Speaking Topic(s): 

  • The Gospel of The Black Episode
  • How Beyonce May be a Prophet

The African tradition of storytelling is on full display in Beyonce’s song, The Black Parade. Hayden Greene breaks down the song and shows how it chronicles the Black experience in America. It gives a point of reference for many of the social constructs that influence business and industry today. Hayden also tackles how storytelling is a superior method of transferring information and how to use rhetoric in your presentations.

Leading with My Camera

Photography is everywhere these days. Every one of us has a camera in our pockets and we use photography to tell our stories more than any other medium today. But photography has rules, like staying focused and isolating your subject. There are many lessons on leadership that we can learn from the rules of photography and Hayden shows you how to sharpen your leadership skills every time you sharpen your focus.  Making of Smush: The world of a polymath (pol·y·math /ˈpälēˌmaTH/ noun. a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning) Hayden’s latest book is called Smush and it’s a peek into the mind of a polymath, combining photography, short stories, poetry, advice, and even recipes. It’s a testament to his philosophy of doing it all if it makes you happy. Today, in industry, we have been required to multitask, cross-train, and be malleable. Then, as soon as you become well-rounded, we are asked to specialize. For many, it feels like sacrificing an important part of yourself to be productive. Or giving up something you love to be a specialist. Hayden talks about the struggle and the method of being your whole self at work and in the world.

Donna Musil
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Speaking Topic(s):

  • The Gift of Not Belonging: Understanding Military Brats & Other People Raised in Multiple Cultures
  • What You See May Not Be Who You’re Hiring: Understanding the Invisible Culture of Military Brats & People Raised in Multiple Cultures

Donna Musil is an American documentary filmmaker, writer and activist exploring the subculture of U.S. military brats. She wrote and directed the award-winning 2006 documentary Brats: Our Journey Home, a film about growing up the child of a military family and the effect it has on that child’s adult life. She is also the founder of Brats Without Borders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness, celebration and support for military brats and other third culture children.

Tara Paton
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A founder of TP & Co. strategy consulting firm, provides organizations with custom solutions to identify growth opportunities, optimize performance and improve customer loyalty to ultimately increase profitability. She delivers end to end solutions for companies to develop growth strategies and increase retention to achieve sustainable scalable results.

To date she has leveraged her proprietary framework to serve over 100 international small business owners and startup founders. Her no fluff approach has delivered results for Fortune 100 CPG, retail and tech companies including L’Oreal, Whole Foods, CVS, Instacart, Brookfield, American Express and more.

Tara has an MBA from the Darden School of Business at UVA and is a proud graduate of Morgan State University, HBCU and national treasure of Baltimore, Maryland. When she is not working with organizations, she is usually singing loudly to an eclectic range of music from trap, reggaeton to country, traveling, cooking & eating vegan food (of course!), reading or working out.

Kai-Nneka Townsend 
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Speaking Topic:

  • Rising Strong: Mastering Resilient and Impactful Leadership

Kai-Nneka Townsend has over 15 years of experience in management and leadership roles across the Rail, Health, and International Development sectors.

A seasoned professional, she is not only a consultant but a partner in long-term success. Through customized consultancy, workshops, and coaching, she collaborates with clients to develop strategies that prioritize resilience without compromising achievements.

Her pragmatic approach to leadership emphasizes the importance of resilience and endurance, ensuring that clients not only achieve their goals but also sustain their achievements over time.

In a world where effective leadership requires a delicate balance, Kai-Nneka brings a wealth of experience to guide leaders toward a path of resilient success.


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