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Symphony of Life (TM) is a brand of revolutionary new 2017 journal planner that breaks the organization mold, surpassing time management into the realm of “life management.”

Our stylish coverjackets are the key to the system – allowing you to seemlessly flip through all the days of your life, work and activities.

Life is a symphony – orchestrate in style. Get yours today!  More detail below…




Symphony of Life (TM) planner cover is part of a brand new kind of system that surpasses time management into the realm of “life management.”


“Symphony of Life” systems have a sleek design with a planner cover jacket made to increase efficiency and decrease clutter and bulk. The system is  simple and easy-to-implement, which makes it easy to stay organized.


Forget having a boring organizer “Symphony of Life” planner cover jackets come in an array of striking designs to match your style. Add a cover jacket to your full agenda planner  so you can expand your system. Also available are matching accessories like laptop bags, wallets, yoga bags and more.


Pick an agenda planner layout that fits your needs. It’s based on lifestyle:

  • From the technophile who keeps schedules electronically (The Techie),
  • to the busy parent or others tracking up to six people each day (The Superhero),
  • to those seeking life balance (The Zen)
  • Or a traditional agenda planner that allows you to write down your daily schedule…

there’s a “Symphony of Life” agenda planner system has a Lifestyle Layout designed just for you. Also choose system add-ons like

  • career tracker,
  • debt eliminator,
  • class notes,
  • fitness planner or
  • meeting notes
  • designer coverjacket sold separately

so the system helps you stay on track toward your life goals.


Planner design choices to suit your lifestyle

~makes it simple to get, and stay, organized

~Easily track multiple family schedules

~Special format to provide what digital devices forget

~Layout to monitor work/life balance goals

~Simultaneously use daily and monthly pages

~Use notes as necessary, flag important pages

~Grand view of months in a full 8.5 x 11 size

~Work as your style dictates: unlined and undated for artistic individuals, lined and dated for analytical, logical thinkers

~Rolling 12 month planner books allow you to begin using the system at anytime


~Striking covers create unique individual style

~Designed to help keep you organized by reducing paper clutter that can accumulate

~Eco-friendly options reduce carbon footprint

~Proudly made in Denver, Colorado, USA

~Proceeds benefit children’s literacy

Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in


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