Trini Girl In London… Suits UK – The NHC Cruise

An infuriating buzzing noise dragged me out of my deep sleep. So irritating. I cracked my eyes open wearily. What could it be? Straining my ears but still trying to hang on to the sweet surrender of sleep, I lift my pillow to see the alarm on my phone going off. I groan loudly and switched it off begrudgingly. I am so exhausted from the night before that I was actually contemplating staying home to catch up on sleep rather than go out today. I felt those familiar signs of an approaching flu and my body ached. However, given the fact that I had already purchased my ticket, and the fact that I’d hate to admit defeat for this four day carnival experience, I grumpily rolled out of bed and headed to the shower. This was only day 2!

About an hour and a half later and we were ready to head out. Plus side, the sun was out in its full glory. Unfortunately, so is the chilly breeze, making it the typical British Summer. After a few sceWater Break and a quick picturenic selfies we headed for breakfast before boarding the party boat.

Selfie Before Breakfast Aboard The Thames PrincessSoca Music Hypnotising Friends Having Too Much Fun



Maximum Capacity Reached!After a hearty breakfast at Lambeth Pier, we headed for The Thames Princess to board. The boat has two levels and everyone seems to be heading to the top deck where the Dj was situated.  We got our drinks on the lower deck and followed the crowd to the upper deck. The music’s luring beats of sweet Soca music had us swaying and dancing with it’s hypnotic melody in no time, that sleep and exhaution, was a faded memory.

I quickly learnt that there is a definite art, and possibly some ninja training, to dancing and keeping your balance on a moving boat. I felt like a baby deer attempting it’s first steps. I think I probably looked it to. I was slightly regretting having that Full English breakfast prior to boarding. The upper deck was now at maximum capacity. We have been sailing a while now and I was thankful for the welcoming breeze streaming in. We could hardly move. Unfortunately, both bar and bathroom, were located on lower deck. So I drank little and avoided having to move. I kept getting glances in between party goers of the beautiful sights surrounding us. A sight-seeing tour this was not. If you’re interested in getting a tour of the Thames, then this was not the opportunity. This was the opportunity to dance like there was no tomorrow or in my case, like I wasn’t swearing at my alarm this morning. Sleep? Tiredness? No time for that. I was having an amazing time. I felt exhilarated.

The saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” couldn’t be truer right now. Especially with my crowd of friends. No way we’ve been sailing and partying for 5 hours!? Ice Box Entertainment is notorious for their Suits Carnival cruises and parties and it was their first in the UK. Given the fact there were a couple of other boat parties on this day, they didn’t disappoint. However, I was feeling the after effects of all that fun. Sadly for my aching, exhausted body, it was home for a quick shower and change as we’re having a small bbq at one of the girl’s house. As we make our way home and I try my hardest not to fall asleep, I think to myself, ‘These weren’t even the exhausting days!’ I close my eyes tightly and said a little prayer…

Baccahnal Behaviour

Hands In The Air!!!



*Pictures courtesy: Keisha Estrada

**Credits to: Ice Box Entertainment – www.iceboxent.com (Suits Uk- The Notting Hill Carnival Cruise)

***This event was held on Saturday 23rd August, 2014


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