VIDEO: Experience Safari Culture in Kenya to Enhance Your Life


Deputy Senior Warden of Amboseli National Park in Kenya Joseph Dadacha told Culturs that he discovers something new and inspiring every day in his dream job overseeing this majestic wonderland of wildlife, habitat and flora.

He looked back at the first time his dream job became a reality and thought, “wow, this is always where I’ve wanted to be.”

Dadacha explained that the word “safari” has always meant “journey,” and coming on safari provides a unique experience to every individual no matter what corner of the world they travel. While on safari, everything is enhanced, Dadacha emphasized.

Most people look at safari as a luxury but Dadacha believes that safari is a necessity as it takes away the stress and monotony out of everyday life.

“Safari is part of making your life better,” Dadacha said.

Everyone should have a safari experience as it opens the door to a world where wildlife and people coexist.

In fact, at Amboseli National Park, the Maasai people, native to the land, cannot be separated from the animals.  The culture of this people, along with the views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the ability to experience wildlife at an intimate level, make Amboseli unique.

Dadacha found his home in national parks 22 years ago and promises that, “When you come to Kenya you are coming to your ultimate home.”

Culturs traveled to Amboseli National Park, Tsavo National Park and Nairobi national Park in Kenya to discover hidden diversity  and experience safari like the journey it was always meant to be. Here’s a bit of what we found…




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