Hyphenated Americans Fight Crime for Immigrant Neighbors in Brooklyn

by Tammy Matthews, Culturs Senior Editor

In an age when the ideal YouTube video is approximately eighty seconds long, you must have a stellar story to keep audience attention. Storytelling is fundamental.

Internet-driven, short-form storytelling propels engagement. In certain environments, this storytelling is privileged, especially when people cannot find stories in popular media platforms that reflect themselves.

A multi-cultural, multi-racial action Dramedy BKPI follows private investigators who solve crimes for their immigrant neighbors in Brooklyn.

The episodic BKPI is the imaginary love child of movie Clerks and the television show Veronica Mars. Its straight-on approach to addressing hard topics from sexual harassment to taboo body functions makes the plot line and characters dynamic. After forming an uncertified private investigation firm, three working-class women of color — a Korean American, an African American and an Arab American — fight crime for immigrant neighbors in Brooklyn. The irreverent investigators epitomize a rainbow of representation.

“When I set out to create BKPI, the main goal was to make stories where the most marginalized people are smack in the center of them: the immigrants, the people of color, the working class, the homeless, the folks that are dusty and hidden away. I could not bare to watch another white-washed portrayal of Brooklyn where wealthy millennial hipsters hash out their lives, while working class immigrants witnessing the gentrification are sidelined to store keepers with funny accents,” said creator Hye Yun Park on Yomyomf.com

The show was created by a cast and crew made of almost 100 percent queer, trans and people of color.

The honesty and humor in both Seeds and BKPI leave viewers relentlessly pondering and laughing.

For more information on BKPI and to watch the trailer, check out their facebook page.


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