Series II of III;Colombian Soccer legend brings the Heat to West Kendall Streets (Part 2)

Luis Perea FIFA World Cup 1994 Photo by FIFA

Colombian Soccer legend brings the Heat to West Kendall Streets (Part 2)

Luis Perea FIFA World Cup 1994 Photo by FIFA
Luis Perea FIFA World Cup 1994 Photo by FIFA

Unlike other South Florida migrant groups, Colombians live and construct their businesses around their community. The sport of Soccer has become the dominant sport in Miami, Florida. Luis Carlos Perea better known as “Coroncoro” is a retired professional soccer player that played for the Colombia International Team. Aside from participating in the 1990 and 1994, FIFA World Cups, Perea has also played for various Club professional teams such as, Atletico Junior, Deportes Tolima, and others.

After retiring from his successful soccer career in 1999 Perea decided to migrate to Miami, Florida to pursue his passion in coaching young players. Perea’s ambition and determination led him into opening his own soccer academy called Miami Strike Force. At the age of 16-18 I had the opportunity to experience playing at a competitive level-reaching nationals both years. The academy was built around discipline and dedication.

The icon, Perea has assembled small events and restaurants throughout West Kendall, Miami to incorporate the Colombian community together. Over the last five years Perea was listed in the top 100 prominent Latinos living in Miami. The usual tradition of eating “Bandeja Paisa” at Perea’s restaurant after winning tournaments continues. After years of success throughout his soccer career and businesses, not only has Perea become a prominent role model for the young soccer athletes of West Kendall but also has deeply inspired me to give back to the community.

Irvin Cavero Strike Force practice Miami
Irvin Cavero Strike Force soccer practice

Over the last few years I continued to keep in touch with many of my teammates from Miami Strike Force. The lessons and values we all apprehended has inspired us to continue to visit our old training field in Kendall and watch Perea still scream “Apurense que recien estamos calentando” (Hurry up we are just warming up) as he once told us.

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