Rebel Wilson: A global nomad


Rebel Wilson is a rising star in the United States today, but her career didn’t start there. She was born in Australia to parents who had to travel all over the world for their job as dog handlers. Believe it or not, Wilson was a shy child. She enjoyed people watching, which is thought to be part of what helped develop her career in comedy.

She went to school at the University of South Wales, and after she graduated, she spent time is South Africa as an Australian youth ambassador. Later, she returned home to study at the Australian Theater for Young People. After her debut roles in television and movies in Australia, she received a scholarship to The Second City Training Centre in New York. She is the most recognized for her role as Fat Amy in the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect. Rebel enjoyed her role and said, “Even when I am playing someone named Fat Amy, I am all about confidence and attitude.” She is currently starring in a TV series called Super Fun Nights, which premiered in October 2013.

She is not just an actress, a TCK, and a global nomad; she has much more talent behind her comedic acting skills. She went to law school as a backup plan, in case her career as an actress didn’t pan out. She was also a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig in Australia, and later, she launched her own fashion line. The line is called “Fat Mandi,” and is designed for plus sized woman.


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