CultursTV – Live From Ireland, :60 sec to Your Best Energy Ever!

This Culturs TV Wednesday Energy Medicine Minute comes from the Kenmare Sound Circle in Ireland, where Culturs.guru expert Tatiana Dahlin shows how releasing energy flows can energize you anytime, anyplace, with very little effort.

To do this, Tatiana talks about fairy flows. “Fairy flows” is an energy medicine term that “literally means tiny figure eights in and amongst your space,” she emphasizes. According to Tatiana, you would make these tiny figure eights with your wrists or your fingers, and the movement triggers energy straight to your DNA, “hooking up and joining and connecting all that energy work that you have done.”

This makes the figure eight fairy flows a good practice to follow any daily energy routine you may conduct. It’s also perfect for breaking up stagnant energy, stuck anywhere in the body, whether emotional energy or physical energy. “I used it on my blood clots, so I know,” says Dahlin, espousing the power of the fairy (flow).

All that’s necessary to create abundant energy is to formulate these figure eights all around your body and anywhere in your proximate space.

Tatiana also suggests that when in Ireland, do as the Irish do – in this case, dance with the fairies.

Tatiana is Donna Eden’s Daughter. She, her mother, Donna Eden, and her sister, Dondi Dahlin, are Culturs.guru experts who perform energy minutes all around the world to bring health and healing to Culturs TV audience.

Culturs.guru is a global multicultural philanthropic brand that brings lifestyle content to liminal identities – populations that are “culturally mobile,” and represent “hidden” rather than “visual” diversity. This includes cross-cultured individuals, Third Culture Kids and multi-racial and multi-ethnic persons whose lives are punctuated by “straddling” of different cultures during their formative years. For more information, visit www.Culturs.guru.

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