Poetry of Travel- Dubrovnik, Croatia

When travelling to anywhere it is important to not only view history, but also to make an attempt at understanding it. Whether you are visiting a ancient meeting site or the aftermath of a not so distant battleground, a long enduring stronghold or the remains of some grand architecture; any space important or poignant enough to visit gives more than a postcard and a few quick snapshots. Anyone looking for one or any of the things listed above can find them all in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In an area full of violence and struggle, this city still remains one of the most heavily visited tourist sites. The remarkable city and the breathtaking high walls make for more than just a stop on a speed tour, though. Walking the walls of Dubrovnik gives a sense of both the present and the past. There are many aspects of nature to journey through that make for brilliant starts for writing. But all writing, even poetry, is a way of human communication. And that makes a place like Dubrovnik an excellent place to draw inspiration from. below I have included a poem from my own walk over the walls of the city, along with a few pictures of this magnificent city.


over the belt of wall
the windows spring
to see the green water
cheek to cheek
with the ancient blocks

within the courtyard is full,
of talking life
hugged by the wall
that braves against new siege

in the guns and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3d/Dubrovnik_crop.jpgshrapnel
the wall people dance
with the strings and bells
of those who piled square stone

belt wall still holds them


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