A Nomadic Way of Life

When staying in one place is more foreign than a different country, you might beg the question where can I go next? To answer that question check out Breathtaking Destinations. This travel blog is home to an accumulation of pictures taken around the world. Underneath the glossy images is an International Nomad and her name is Anna.

Anna grew up in Germany and when she is not traversing the globe she is a student. Her degree is in tourism management and next month she will start her Master’s degree in economics. Anna started traveling when she was young and since then has not quite broken the habit. “I really traveled a lot with my family so for me it is more or less normal to travel several times a year,” Anna said. Traveling throughout most of her life has made her into an open-minded person that is interested in different cultures but is sometimes impatient being in one place. Take a look into Anna’s top three amazing places she has been.

1) San Juan Island, Washington USA

” My favorite experience on San Juan Island was a whale watching tour. It was very impressive to see little orcas playing with their family in the water. The nature on and around San Juan Island is also very impressive. Therefore I would really recommend doing a boat trip in this area.”

Seal on the sea of San Juan Island
San Juan Island, WA

2) Dubai – United Arab Emirates

“My favorite experience was to see how tradition meets modern.  All the different cultures and religions, just in one city were really interesting. I would recommend in Dubai to visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalfia, very early in the morning because it is not so crowed and you can see an amazing sunrise. People I met in Dubai were very traditional. Their culture is very different from my culture in Germany.”

A view from a deck in Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3) London, England

”The last time I was in London, I was there for the Olympic Games and it was so cool to be a small part of such a huge event. The people in London were so friendly and were willing to help me all the time. In London I recommend a typical hop-on-hop off bus tour so you can see a lot of the City in a very short time.”

London, England

The world is filled with amazing people, cultures and experiences; this makes it pretty difficult to sit still. With so many new places to explore, why wouldn’t you choose the nomadic lifestyle? “I would rather not stay long at home, I get bored and I want to go to see another new place,” Anna said.

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