Life Advice from Former Denver Post Editor-in-Chief

Greg Moore speaking at Colorado State University. Photo by: Donnyale Luckutt
Greg Moore speaking at Colorado State University. Photo by: Donnyale Luckutt
Greg Moore speaking at Colorado State University. Photo by: Donnyale Luckutt

We all strive to be successful, smart, wealthy or someone we are just generally proud to be. People of all ages can feel the stress of not knowing who it is they really are, who they want to be or how to go about becoming this someone they are proud to be. What is it that we are truly looking for in life though? Don’t we all want to live a full life with stories, adventures, memories and people that we’ll never forget?

Greg Moore is someone who has lived, and continues to live, every moment with passion and dedication. Moore is the Editor-in-Chief of the Denver Post. He’s spent forty years in the industry he is in traveling, experiencing and writing about the many parts of the world. Moore spent his elementary, middle school and high school days with the same people in the same places doing the same things. College was his opportunity to explore new cultures and essentially reinvent himself. Moore’s best advice about becoming the person you want to be was to be passionate, well traveled and knowledgeable about a variety of things.

Moore said, “Make your own opportunities. Make sure you’re passionate about them.” I

f there is something you want in life, go after it. “You have to do more than what’s expected,” he said. Moore went into Journalism originally because it was a field that he could make differences in others lives without waiting to have a higher position or better degree. He had that passion to be someone who helped others and it took him to all the stories, adventures, memories and people he could have imagined.

Traveling all over the World, Moore immersed himself in cultures and learned about the world with his own eyes. Moore said, “There is no greater imprint on my brain unless I see it myself. Traveling as broadly as possible will not only increase your knowledge but it will also change how you view people, cultures and the world around you.

Along with global knowledge, it’s important to embrace yourself into as many areas as you can in regards to education. Moore dove into psychology, religion, philosophy and other areas to simply gain a different perspective on subjects he didn’t already know about. Being on the Pulitzer Prize Board for nine years, Moore has read numerous books in his time. He continues to read as much as he can to keep learning. There is always something new to learn.

A large group came to listen to Greg Moore speak at Colorado State University. Photo by: Doni


Maybe you don’t know who you are or where you are going in life, but that’s okay. Moore says, “Take some time. Experiment. Travel.” Even if you’ve lived in and seen different places all over the world, your life is a constant adventure book and there are always more stories to add and mold you into who you are or will be.

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