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Revlon + The Cut Celebrate #powerofcolor

TCKs, multicultural, and multiracial people from around the globe have become a commonality among the world of pop culture. If you simply look in any of today’s popular magazines, television shows, and commercials, you’re bound to find a TCK or two. On February 4, 2014, Revlon celebrated its launch of the new Revlon Nail Enamel Power of Color campaign and new 2014 colors. The official commercial accentuates multiple handsome personalities, who all happen to fit the global, multicultural profile.

Featured in Revlon’s “The Power of Color” commercial, is international models Jamahl Thompson, Phil Winser, Mikey Kay, Tao Fernandez, and Brendan Fallis. Women with bright shades of nail polish are covering up parts of the men’s face, as they say what they enjoy about the colors in the commercial.






TCK Jamahl Thompson was originally born in Germany and currently resides in California. Jamahl’s unique look, and perspective on life attracted Revlon castors for this particular campaign.


Phil Winser, a Brit-based NYC dwelling model, is another member of the Power of Color team.


Michael Kay, a British TV host, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, a CNN contributor, and director and producer of fashion documentaries, is also an ex British Senior officer and TCK. Kay was active in tours throughout Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Iraq, India, and Africa- a globally experienced life no doubt.

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Tao Fernandez, an Argentinean model, is another addition to the commercial. Having to straddle multiple cultures and languages in pursuit of his modeling career, its no surprise Tao was selected for ‘The Power of Color” campaign. In addition to the commercial, Revlon also created a short bio for a few of the featured models to showcase their diversity. Click here to view Tao’s video.


Last but not least, Brendan Fallis was also part of the crew. Calling himself a “Canadian import”, Fallis brings a multicultural perspective to the table as well.


“The Power of Color” campaign is obviously designed to highlight the beauty of color not only in their new line of nail polish, but from a global standpoint. Each man represents a piece of the multicultural puzzle, which is steadily fitting into society’s norms. As time progresses, I think we will see a lot more advertising with this global, multicultural mind set, and I can’t help but rejoice.

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