Pinpoint your pain: Power of acupuncture

ear nerve
Acupuncturists image of a curled up fetus in our ear.

Ever had one of those people around you who are afraid of needles or sharp objects?

Are you one of them? Well here’s a new piece of information that will make you think twice about needles. A recent acupuncture study showed that one to five acupuncture points in the ear can help lower your BMI level.

For those who are not familiar with the term acupuncture and BMI level, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment method that involves insertion of thin needles through the skin at a strategic point in the body. BMI level on the other hand is an abbreviation of body mass index and it is a measure of relative weight based on an individual’s mass and height.

Acupuncturists believe that nerve points in our body or “Chi” (as Chinese tradition calls it) that flows through our body, can be rebalanced by inserting needles into specific nerve points.

Along with that, the way acupuncture can help lower BMI level is because acupuncturists picture ears as a curled up fetus with its head pointing downwards and, with that in mind, needles are inserted into the nerve points that represent stomach, spleen, hunger, endocrine and shenmen. As a result this will trigger the specific nerve points which will re-balance your body.

There are many different ways acupuncture can be used to re-balance or heal your body. So look out for more information about ways acupuncture can help us, and remember “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”



  1. Great article Won! This is well written and it was good that you included background information on what BMI and acupuncture is! Reading this makes me want to go get acupuncture done! 

  2. Nice article! However, I am one of those people that doesn’t like needles. I have horrible allergies, and I have heard that you can get acupuncture that helps with your allergies, so maybe that would be worth looking to. Thanks for the information!

  3. I don’t love needles, but I’ve heard so many great things about what acupuncture can do! I had no idea your ear could have a potential benefit.

  4. A needle in the ear isn’t what I would have pictured when thinking about relaxation, but hey, I’ve had days where I’d do anything to find some balance. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Interesting article. 

  5. I have always wanted to get acupuncture done before. And with this article, I may just go out and do it. With the positive results that can accumulate after doing this ritual, who knows of the amazing health benefits I may experience.

  6. This post is so good to read. Amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing, I would like to post it on my Facebook to share with my families?

  7. Acupuncture has always terrified me (mostly because I never knew how it worked or what it was really doing) but this article really cleared that miscommunication up for me! Thanks for sharing! 

  8. Although this is a great article and was very informative, I am still terrified of needles and acupuncture.  

  9. This is a really interesting topic! I’ve never tried acupuncture because I am one of those people who is slightly afraid of needles but I might have to try it after reading this article. I had no idea that it can affect your BMI. I think the ending quote, “pain is just weakness leaving the body” is a really great way to end the article. 

  10. I’ve always been interested in trying acupuncture. I’d say it’s worth a try. Really like the brevity and straightforwardness of the post!

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