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Schiaparelli. Daniel Roseberry. Photo courtesy of Lydia Cavaliere.

Let’s not make a rhetorical or retrograde speech about the old days of fashion. Although the old days have gone, for better or worse, they still “color” a period and enable other moods and trends to develop.

Italian fashion
Schiaparelli Haute Coutre, 2023. Photo courtesy of Lydia Cavaliere.

I want to give you my vision and take on Milanese fashion, as I see myself as someone who has dedicated most of her life to this industry as a journalist, stylist and designer for the last 20 years. Thanks to a master’s degree, various school courses, books and endless research, I have become inspired and passionate by the stories and creations of many designers who have shaped the history of fashion worldwide. Unfortunately, fashion is an art that is no longer seen as such.

I would like to bring you back in time to relive fashion’s evolution, starting from the idea to the dress, along with the stories, anecdotes, perfumes and movements that all wonderful stylists created while still being the ones dictating fashion before it merged with the movie industry.

Artists, music, art and stylists have created icons, movements and poems that traveled in unison to convey a dream to those who wanted to dream. Cultural movements of the 80s were examples of how to communicate fashion.

Nowadays, even fashion shows and fashion parades all over the world live a life of their own. The accelerated times of modernity have overshadowed the strict rules of the past.

The advent of social media, a faster pace of life and the internet have pushed for a revolution in the “past” fashion world, which once offered much slower shows that dictated the currents of collective trends.


FASHION Settimana Della Moda Milano. Photo courtesy of Lydia Cavaliere.
Settimana Della Moda Milano. Photo courtesy of Lydia Cavaliere.

More sensible stylists, who are attentive to the evolution or involution of humans, tend to work more practically and free of frills. As Milanese-born Miuccia Prada states: “In serious moments, one has to work seriously and responsibly. There can be no room for useless creativity. Creativity makes sense and is only useful when it discovers new things.”

During difficult times, creativity is called upon to make new discoveries, as it is useless to bring futile things on the market.

While fashion experts and masters are trying to meet the needs of the global market, some still follow their own principles. I invite you on a journey of true fashion with its poetry and its creative and deep-rooted facets, while making you savor something real, juicy and magnificent.

“Made in Italy” is a guarantee of quality and experience, and the pursuit of beauty is the key to creating an amazing future.



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