7 Exercises for travelers

Being a traveler it isn’t always easy to make time for the gym. Busy schedules and intimidating gyms can make the landscape can feel like an open judgment zone.

Not everyone enjoys runnin,g and sometimes it is not ideal to run out side due to whether or lack of knowledge a location. Do the following exercises for quick cardio, leg and glute target workout.



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This is a great exercise to get your heart rate up and burn some fat. Following the diagram above you will go from standing to a tuck out (like ducking from a ball being thrown at you) move to a plank, and do a push up. Jump (or step your feet, for modification) back into tuck and jump up in the air with your body straight. Do this in a fluid motion and remember always to concentrate most on form opposed to how fast and many you are doing!

Modification: While in plank position go to your knees and push up from there, or skip the push up.

Time: 1 minute


Jump rope


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Remember when you were younger and outside for recess and it was a race to see who could get to the jump rope fastest? Well little did you know at the time the work out you were getting. Jumping rope is a great way to sweat, get your heart rate up and tone your body from head to toe. Spice it up, try and jump on one foot, then the other. Try and cross your arms, or try to see if you can make the rope go around twice while you’re in the air. Now, if you don’t just carry a jump rope in your bag, that’s okay. Just start jumping! Make sure you keep pretending you have a rope so your arms can engage (if you’re doing it right they will be tired too).

Modification: Don’t stop before the time is up! It’s hard, but have fun! Start skipping with the rope, or switch off between your feet to give yourself a breather.

Time: 1 minute

Jump squats


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Let’s get those buns in shape! These will tone and shape your core, bottom, legs and will keep you sweating! This one is very important to stay in form and not rush. You will start standing and keep your weight in your heels sit back as if you were sitting in a chair with your back straight and your butt sticking out. Keep your arms up or near your chest. Engage your core and push through your heels and jump as high as possible pushing your arms down and straighten your body. Challenge yourself to jump as high as you can.

Modification: Standing squat, don’t jump or push up keep your feet planted and core engaged.

Time: 1 minute


Jump Split Squat


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To target the glutes and inner and outer thighs jump squats will have your legs burning. Step your right foot out to a 90 degree angle keeping your knee behind your toes to protect your knees. Keep your left leg behind you and slightly bent, push you through your feet and engage your core and switch forward legs while in air. Land softly and use your strength to catch your body and lunch before repeating the jump.

Modification: If you have bad knees or a bad back skip the jump or don’t jump as high. Just switch lunging between your left and right leg in front.

Time: 1 minute


Curtsy squats


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Okay, now breath. Ready to feel your legs burn? Stand straight up and raise your right leg off the ground to 90 degree angle, push that leg back and around the back of your left leg to touch it to the floor. Your right leg should be behind and to the left of your left foot (refer to picture above). Squat down in this position, and lift the right leg back up to a 90 degree. Do one side and switch half way.

Modification: Do not bring leg to 90 degree off the ground.

Time: 30 seconds on right leg, 30 seconds on left leg


Romanian dead-lift


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This fun one is going to keep that booty firm and tight. Balance on one leg and keep it slightly bent to avoid locking your knee. Lean your torso forward and rise your leg backward trying to make your body look like a capital T. When in the T position you can bend your knee more to increase work out. Then bring your leg back to hover the ground next to your other foot. If you want to increase just continue to bring that leg to a 90 degree. Slow and steady will be the hardest and most efficient here!

Modification: Keep slow and don’t put your leg to a 90 degree.

Time: 30 second right leg and 30 second left leg.


Wall sit


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You’re almost there! Use the nearest wall or door and put your back to it. Slide your back down while putting your feet away from the wall. Try and form your body to look like you are sitting in a chair with your legs at a 90 degree angle. Make sure your knees do not go past your toes. Keep breathing and hold here. For the last 10 seconds, drop your butt a little lower and hold.

Modification: Increase the angle of your legs, by pushing your back higher on the wall like you are standing more.

Time: 1 minute


Repeat all 2-3 times! Always remembering that when exercising quality over quantity! Happy sweating!


  1. Great article, I think this article is going to be really helpful to people who try to stay fit, but have a hard time doing it because they have to travel a lot. 

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