There’s No Place Like…Red Rocks

Red Rocks during a sunset performance in the summertime.

The Red Rocks Culture

Featuring record-breaking artists from The Beatles, to U2, to Jimi Hendrix, and a crowd capacity of 9,450 people, it’s no wonder Red Rocks Amphitheater was named the best amphitheater in America by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Located in Morrison, Colorado, USA, Red Rocks consists of two, three hundred-foot monoliths made of ship and creation rock (built up over thousands of years), creating a natural sound barrier unlike anywhere else in the world according to redrocks.com. Artists that play the venue, and fans and viewers alike, deem the experience “life-changing.”

One of the truly amazing aspects Red Rocks provides however, is the fact that people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages — all with diverse tastes in music — come together to celebrate something much more than just music. Life, love, happiness, beauty, and the overall experience seems to be the real reason this venue finds its way onto people’s bucket lists. It would seem there really is no place like Red Rocks…

The atmosphere and sheer happiness of each Red Rocks show’s crowd brings people together like nowhere else on earth. Each performance brings something new and special to both the artists, and the fans.

Photo Credit: Fer Juaristi Photography
Fer Juaristi Photography captures the beauty of the red landscape Red Rocks gets its name from

When asked about Red Rocks in a Huffington Post article, John Meyer remarked that the venue:

“is the knee-buckling display of natural beauty…….that makes you sure that God herself left those majestic rocks in that exact position, because she loves us and wants us to experience awe.”

The aesthic of Red Rocks attracts people from all around the world and the U.S., creating a melding of cultures. So what is it that causes such a variety of people to come together for events such as these? Noted by Daniel Levintin, a cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, and writer, in his article The Role of Music in Human Culture,

“Throughout most of the world and for most of human history, music making was as natural an activity as breathing and walking, and everyone participated. Understanding why we like music and what draws us to it is therefore a window on the essence of human nature….”

Although people from different cultures and backgrounds may be extremely diverse, music brings them all together in some instances, in a spectacle Red Rocks ampitheater does not fall short of delivering. “The inexpressible depth of music… easy to understand and yet so inexplicable, is due to the fact that it reproduces all of the emotions of our innermost being…” Levintin adds.

Red Rocks during a sunset performance in the summertime.

Music therefore, is a part of human nature, and a possible reason as to why a venue like Red Rocks brings people together in such a positive light. In this day and age, globalization and a commonality of culture have become forefront as result of the technological advances in the world. Red Rocks and the music it features brings so many different people together, making it yet another addition to this circumstance. Next time you pass through Colorado, make sure to visit the illustrious landmark. Or better yet, attend a concert and experience this phenomenon for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Before you know it, you’ll be calling Red Rocks your home away from home, and clicking those ruby slippers in hopes of returning.


  1. I really like this article. It is close to home and a place I love to visit. I also love how music is the main focus of the piece. It emphasizes the true magic of the landmark.

  2. I’ve never been to a concert in the Red Rocks Amphitheater, but this article just made me want to get a ticket to any show at Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

  3. I haven’t had the chance to go to Red Rocks, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

  4. Being from Colorado, and growing up a small 5 minute drive from Red Rocks, this article really touched home for me! It’s a beautiful place that everyone should visit!

  5. The title says it all, there’s no place like Red Rocks! Hands down the best concert venue I’ve been and a great place to visit. 

  6. I agree, music does bring so many people together which doesn’t happen very often. What an amazing place!

  7. It is my goal to go to a concert at Red Rocks this summer! I love music and I love the Colorado mountains, why not combine the two great loves?

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