Trini Girl In London… Roof Top And Busspepper Parties

As they say in Trini, it’s ” Fantastic Friday,” the Friday before the hype of Carnival. Over the past few days, some friends from abroad arrived and the excitement has been building. We spent the previous day collecting costumes and planning  the weekend’s events. First on the agenda is today’s parties with the ‘Pon de Roof Top’ party, The Caribbean Rooftop Party and Grill, to kick things off.

The lovely British weather has seen me change outfits a couple of times. You never know how the summer will turn out so you always have to be prepared. This year had been particularly chillier than most, so with an elegant maxi dress that will still be appropriate to party in later and jacket in hand,we set off. image image image image image image image





We got there around 6.30pm (event started at 4pm) and there was a bit of a queue and the evening air was already cold. When we finally got in the atmosphere was already in high spirits; Music pumping, people laughing, drinking, dancing…

The venue, The Prince Of Wales in Brixton, was perfect; Open air, gorgeous sunset views and I quickly got lost in the thumping rythyms of the Soca music blaring from the speakers that I quickly stripped off my jacket as I welcomed the fresh cool air. Soon the smell of the bbq provided by Fish, Wings and Things wafted toward my nostrils and my tummy responded with a conspiring growl.

In just a few hours we go again…

With all the food, drink and vibes I was experiencing, I wondered to myself  “Why on earth would we leave here to go on to another party? this on was already perfect.” I was also very concerned about the finish time of four a.m. and the early start tomorrow. This is a normal yearly ritual of my friends and as I voiced my concerns, they just laughed at me and said “No sleep until Tuesday!”

At around 10.30 p.m., we left for party number two; Busspepper’s Bacchanal Friday. We made our way from Brixton to Tower Hill and I welcomed the train journey as I was able to sneak a very quick nap to energise myself a bit. The party was pumping so hard that you are instantly overwhelmed. There crowd was so thick the building was bursting at its seams. I had to take a moment to adjust my bearings. Not long ‘tll I was dancing up a storm forgetting all tiredness behind. The mix of Soca music, Dancehall, R&B and more had us pumping and we partied until the next morning!

On the night bus home, barely an eye was open. I smiled to myself because I was so hyped I could’ve gone straight to the next day’s party. With that said, I couldn’t remember anything after I sighted my bed. In just a few hours we go again…

Pictures courtesy Keisha Estrada

Pon De Roof Top presented by Konata Alleyne of One Island Entertainment: www.iamkonata.com

Bacchanal Friday presented by Busspepper Promotions Ltd.

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