Founder’s Blog: Male Beauty Standards Around the Globe

Screenshot 2015-03-20 10.29.43As long as we can remember, women have been held to what some consider impossible beauty standards.  Media helps ingrain those standards through magazine photos, videos and overall expectations that eventually lead to the “squeakiest wheel” eventually morphing all of our attitudes of “what is beautiful” over time.  In case you haven’t noticed, in recent decades, it’s been happening more and more to men.  Equality, right?

This Buzzfeed video focused on the United States, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Italy, the U.K., India, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and their current, and continually changing, standard of beauty for men in those 12 countries.

What’s interesting for Culturs’ population is that a 2010 study found that between white, black, and mixed-race faces, millennials considered mixed-race people to be the most attractive.

Check the video and see what you think.


  1. I liked how the angle of the video is aimed towards the beauty standards of men rather than just women. It’s interesting to see how men are perceived from all the different countries. 

  2. Its so refreshing to see mens beauty standards being addressed.  It’s usually mostly womens beauty standards! Very interesting article and video.

  3. As a male, I can appreciate this article.  I think male beauty standards is something that is brushed under the rug.  I find it interesting how it differs from country to country.  Cool article!

  4. Great article! Like the other commenters have said, male beauty standards don’t get talked about as much as female standards so it’s cool to read about!

  5. This has been happening more and more to men, but unfortunately there is an uneven focus: women are constantly depicted as submissive and as parts of a whole, or even where their bodies become products for sale. In contrast many of these photos and ads of men are emphasizing power, dominance and strength. This isn’t equality, it’s perpetuating the problem.

  6. I think it’s easy to point out beauty standards for women around the world, but people don’t think about the fact that these things exist for all genders. This is a great article, and it would go well paired with the other article on here about beauty standards for women across the world.

  7. Interesting to see multicultural faces are more sought after by millennials. I think it’s important to realize that both men and women are subject to a barrage of media messages in which they both are expected to conform to societies idea of beauty.

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