How Celebrities Use Their Platforms to Promote Cultures

Nicki Minaj performs during the Power 99 Powerhouse 2013 concert at the Wells Fargo Center

Celebrities have been using their platforms to send messages to the world for decades. The music industry can persuade artists to promote different things to the audiences. Cultures can be promoted on these platforms and some celebrities rely on these platforms to provide for their lives and families. 

Rapper 6ix9ine — also known as Danny Hernadez — and rapper Nicki Minaj — also known as Onika Tanya Maraj — are prime examples of celebrities who really use their platforms to give messages and their cultures more of a spotlight in the world.

6ix9ine (via Instagram)

Danny Hernadez Background: Mexican native Danny Hernadez has been in the music industry for over three years. After his first hit single “Gummo,” he began to take the industry by storm and became more and more famous. Danny also creates music in Spanish where he also gets a very large amount of fans from the Latin American community. 

6ix9ine (via Instagram)

6ix9ine uses very unique tactics to become more popular which helps him earn more revenue. He uses conflict that he creates with other artists or even just regular people that he broadcasts on social media. His audience numbers have risen dramatically because of the level of entertainment he is giving the world.

6ix9ine (via Instagram)

Nicki Minaj on the other hand does not use controversial tactics to get the fame and profit she obtains. She simply takes her time writing out lyrics in her songs that will send messages. Some of her songs tell stories about her life and give insight on real-life situations that have occurred in her timeline. 

Niki Minaj (via Instagram)

The goal in this business is to be able to keep the audience’s attention. Some people use drama and some may even collaborate on things. Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine have made songs and music videos together. Since they’re both from New York, they have began to promote their titles as king and queen of New York. 

They have taken the music industry by storm and are not looking back. Their “Trollz” video hit 1 million views in the first 24 hours of it being posted. Danny mentioned that he recorded the video in his home because of the fact that he was on house arrest at the time.

Nicki Minaj also calls out other female rappers who don’t write their own songs. She didn’t namedrop anyone, but fans are already speculating on some familiar names.

Minaj is one of the best female rappers from a female standpoint. She has had many billboard hits and No. 1 songs that have amazed the music industry. She has also become the best-selling female rapper of all time. Futhermore, Minaj was the first female artist with over 50 videos with 100 million views on YouTube. She was also the only artist to score a Top 10 for nine years straight. In addition, she has won a number of Grammys and has also starred in some movies like “Barbershop 2.”

Her tactic to get her messages out was basically being herself. She made sure that you could feel her pain and life struggles through her songs and that’s why she became as successful as she was. Minaj used her platforms to promote women’s rights and how women can be strong and also sexy at the same time. She wanted women to know that they should be independent and not have to rely on a man.


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