‘Destinations With Doni’ Episode 1 Featuring Aunjanue Ellis Is Out Now!

Academy Award Nominee Aunjanue Ellis and the Powerful U.S. FREEDOM Rights Legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer on 'Destinations with Doni'
Aunjanue Ellis - Culturs Winter Edition Cover and Destinations with Doni podcast subject
Aunjanue Ellis – Culturs Winter Edition Cover

“Destinations With Doni,” the first episode of Culturs Magazine’s latest podcast, is out now, featuring an interview with the makers of a new film on a little-known U.S. civil rights leader.

Actor Aunjanue Ellis may be best known for her 2022 Oscar-nominated performance in the film “King Richard” as well as the HBO series “Lovecraft Country” and “When They See Us” on Netflix, but personal passion continues to bring her to the table.

Ellis on ‘Fannie’

In a new short film, “Fannie,” Ellis and Director Christine Swanson pay homage to Fannie Lou Hamer, a U.S. civil rights advocate whom many in the United States may not know of.

Not for much longer, though, if they have anything to say about it.

‘Destinations With Doni’ podcast

Check out the first episode of Culturs’ new podcast “Destinations With Doni” on XOTV.com below. In it, Culturs Editor-in-Chief Doni Aldine chats with Ellis and Swanson about “Fannie” and how the film came about.

Read more about Ellis and Swanson’s project in our Culturs Winter 2021 Edition, available now.

Destinations With Doni podcast episode 1

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