CULTURStv: ‘Being Gray:’ A liminal identity explored through art: Part 3

Culturs TV continues with the final segment of a three-part series in meeting with Grace Stamps to discuss her artwork and how she feels it has created a space for discovering identity.

Stamps says by using her paintings to explore her identity, she has found “grounding” that she didn’t previously find before when she was floating between two cultures.

Art gave her a space that she needed because neither of her parents were exactly like her and it was difficult for her to completely identify with either of their cultures.

Stamps says after her presentation about her identity, people came up to her and divulged that they too identified as “being gray.” She says this wasn’t her intention, for others to find solace in finally finding a space to identify themselves in, as it was more of a “self-evolved” project. In fact, many different people are searching for a connection and a community that they can call home.

Stamps says that her “Gray” series is still in progress and would like to think about more work exploring her liminal identity in the future.


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