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One of my really good friends is Armenian. She has an awesome culture that I wish I was apart of! Her and her family speak Armenian to each other but speak English when around people that are used to English. Whenever she is on the phone with her mom or dad, I always hear them speaking Armenian. It is SO cool! I have heard her and her sister speak English to each other but I have not heard her and her mom or dad. Her and her amazing family speak Armenian but other Armenian people not only speak Armenian but Russian, English, and Hayeren. My friend and her family eat a lot of good food that is different than what a lot of people eat today. Well, her and her family DO eat meat just like a lot of humans do but, her and her family eat was is called Baklava. It is a desert, that is a rich, sweet pastry made of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and it is also sweetened and held together with syrup and honey.


They also eat what is called Borsch which is a special kind of red soup.



They eat rice and something that is called Lavash which is a type of bread.


Sounds good huh? I really want to try some. Her families traditions are kind of similar to ours, but at the same time totally different. Her and her family celebrate traditional New Year’s Eve. They watch the New Year’s T.V. shows and have parties. They party all night long. Some people also do what her and her family do on New Year’s Eve. I know I don’t. Sometimes I can’t even stay awake until 1:00am, even if we are at a party. The only thing that they do differently than some people is, they eat and drink traditional foods and drinks and they listen to traditional music. Another tradition is when a new baby is born, both sides of the family will decorate the house with fresh leaves from tree branches as a sign of a new family member and a new generation. One of the Armenian beliefs is that if your house is clean, that means that your house will be clean until the next New Year. My friends favorite part of her culture is all the partying and celebrations. Everyone in the world has an amazing culture even if they don’t think they do. Never think that your culture is less important than others because, everyones culture matters to the world.








  1. This was a fantastic read! I didn’t have much knowledge about Armenian food or culture before reading this, so now I can say I know a little bit to get me by. Also, the photos you used for this piece made me so hungry while reading, so I am definitely going to have to look into adding this kind of food into my current diet. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. LOL I’m glad that you liked the food. I was so jealous when she told me she had that kind of stuff often.

  2. I don’t know much about the Armenian culture so I found this article to be really informative! I liked how you used personal occurrences to show the versatility of the culture. Really interesting article!

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