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We are in the thick of Spring Fashion Season. Switching out our closets to lighter, brighter garments. Take inventory of your sandal collection. Taking mental  notes or actual notes of or needs and wants for spring. Ship back to the “want” notes and here in lies the question?

What do I want to look like this Spring/Summer season? Keep in mind the fashion industry would love for you to switch out your complete wardrobe of last spring/Summer and emirs yourself in this year’s silhouettes whole heartedly.

Ask yourself a big question….what do I really need and what have I seen that I can embrace going forward. It is always fun to see the magazines filled with models wearing up-to-the-moment fashions. Some of the looks are wonderful, some interesting to the eye and some pure entertainment.

Stick to your guns! know your body and your lifestyle. What looks good on you as a basic and what did you wear from a past spring that is applicable for this spring? What were you confident in and comfortable? Compliments are great…but always consider from whom they are coming. If you like how the complimenter looks…great, if not….just smile and say thank you. Put that look on the hummmmm list.

We live in a disposable world. Let’s get real and know that not every garment has a one year self life. This is not a license to keep out-of-date, nappy, odd color sweaters hanging about. Dresses that hike up in the back because they are uncomfortable..so you must keep pulling them down at every turn. Gappy or tight shirts that didn’t get you the raise you needed…..those items should be to the wind after the first unfortunate wearing.

Consider wearing wonderful choices of last spring and summer this year as well. They are absolutely great picks and you’ll find they have another year to shine and will play well with your current choices for this year…seriously…they will.

Dressing, knowing what is good on you, flattering your body type is half the battle. If there is any question fusing the old with the new (having a current look)…look to the pros. A professional stylist worth his or her salt can and will take your favorite pieces and help you make purchasing decisions to take you forward this spring.

They can mix current garments with your past favorites and keep you on track. They can even help you understand why garments you think are workable, are NOT. Knowing the usefulness of your wardrobe and what truly is needed to keep you current saves money–not just in the end, but right now. No wandering around stores trying to get a handle on what you should purchase. A concise list considering your existing wardrobe will save you time, money and frustration.

So many beautiful considerations  are out there right now. Get the perfect ones for YOU and your existing wardrobe and go forth into the season with confidence and “your perfect style.”

Fashionably yours,


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  1. This article really made me want to go through my closet, and then go shopping! I am definitely ready for the weather to be nice, and for the tank tops and sandals to come out. Thank for the inspiration to get ready for the new season. 

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