VIDEO: Oscars’ #sowhite: A Multicultural Perspective Part 1

Culturs had the opportunity to sit down with a panel of four highly educated women, (from left to right) Elissa Hope, Christine Manzanares, Ashley Moore and Latoya Noel, to talk about the timely topic of diversity in the Oscars and multiculturalism in the media.
Jada Pinkett Smith created a public video boycotting the 2016 Oscars. Pinkett Smith made points about the lack of diversity in the Oscars, in this case, advocating for African Americans. Pinkett Smith believes African Americans are not getting the voice they have earned in modern day America.

Culturs asked our panel what they thought about how Pinkett Smith presented her argument and asked about their thoughts on Oscars’ #sowhite.

Noel pointed out issues with the presentation of Pinkett Smith’s argument; noting the video was tailored towards the American audience in general rather than for her friends and family, as Pinkett Smith had claimed she was addressing.

Noel stated, “The information was not produced on a personal level,” such as having a face-to-face conversation with her friends and family. “For me that puts me off, were her goals and intentions absolutely pure?” Noel said.

Responding to Noel, Moore agrees that American society gives power to those with high economic status; therefore .

However, Moore also sees Pinkett Smith’s timing of her video as a red flag, “It’s no secret her husband Will Smith had not received an Oscar nomination this year.”

Moore moves the conversation towards how individuals, as well as groups, prioritize information. Moore states “I don’t think the Oscars is as pertinent as other situations that call for economic empowerment in the African American community.”

In the second video of this three-part TV panel we will continue to talk about economic empowerment as well as Janet Hubert’s comments on Pinkett Smith’s video.

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