Jayli Wolf — New Album ‘God Is An Endless Mirror’ Coming Out Soon

Jayli Wolf - GOD IS AN ENDLESS MIRROR - cover artwork

In the wake of the recent release of her single “Holding On,” Indigenous, queer, activist and artist Jayli Wolf will release her new album “God Is An Endless Mirror” on September 22.

Jayli Wolf (Photo by Hayden Wolf)
Jayli Wolf (Photo by Hayden Wolf)

In the EP, Wolf dives into themes of spirituality, self-love, awakening and healing.


Wolf is byproduct of the “Sixties Scoop,” a period from the 1950s-90s where the Canadian government and Catholic Church were responsible for taking or “scooping” more than 20,000 First Nation, Métis and Inuit children from their families and communities.

Much of Wolf’s music centers around this aspect of her identity, as well as breaking away from the religious cult she grew up in.


The sonic experimentation across “God Is An Endless Mirror” spans folk and electronic alternative styles and sees Wolf blend her own poetry with more organic instruments and elements.

The single “Holding On,” released in April, is a haunting song about self-love and self-discovery.

A 2022 Juno Award nominee, she has earned spots on Apple’s 100 Best Songs of 2021, and CBC top 10 Canadian Songs 2021 lists, a No. 1 on CBC Radio One, and over 1+ million views on YouTube for the “Child of The Government” self-directed music video. Wolf has been featured in VOGUE (Global), NYLON, Rolling Stone, CBC and many more outlets.

You can learn more about Wolf at bighassle.com, or check out her Youtube channel.

Jayli Wolf - GOD IS AN ENDLESS MIRROR - cover artwork
Jayli Wolf – GOD IS AN ENDLESS MIRROR – cover artwork

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