Critically Acclaimed Indigenous Artist Jayli Wolf Releases New Single

Critically Acclaimed Indigenous Artist Jayli Wolf Releases New Single

As fans waited for her new album to drop, in April Jayli Wolf released the single “Holding On,” a haunting song about self-love and self-discovery.

On her Instagram account, Wolf writes: “Art can bring meaning to pain in a way that not much else can. I’m so grateful for the ability to explore my feelings through creating, and what a blessing to do it alongside my closest friends.”

Wolf’s own label, ALT EDEN, will release her new album this summer. Wolf is an Indigenous (Anishinaabe and Cree) queer artist, singer, poet, actress and Juno Award nominee.

Jayli Wolf featured on the cover artwork for the single, “Holding On.” (Photo courtesy of Jayli Wolf)


Wolf is originally from Creston, British Columbia, Canada. In November 2021, she’s quoted on MTV.com about how her culture affected her music.

“A lot of Indigenous people are displaced from their biological family,” she says in the interview. “So for me to be able to find them and come back home was really healing for me; very, very cathartic when I went to write [music] about that.

“Reclaiming my culture has definitely made me feel like I’m home. For the last four years, I’ve really worked on reclamation, and part of my identity has been coming through music. I just wrote a song using stories from my grandmother as well as my identity with my dad being a part of the Sixties Scoop.

“These things come out in music because they’ve been things that I’m trying to navigate.  As we get to know ourselves more, the music is gonna change.”


Wolf is a 2022 Juno Award nominee. She has earned spots on Apple’s 100 Best Songs of 2021, and CBC top 10 Canadian Songs 2021 lists, a No. 1 on CBC Radio One, and over 1+ million views on YouTube for the “Child of The Government” self-directed music video. Wolf has been featured in VOGUE (Global), NYLON, Rolling Stone, CBC and many more outlets.


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