Jamaica’s Infamous White Witch of Rose Hall

Rose Hall in Montego, Bay Jamaica
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White Witch Annie Palmer Haunts the Grounds of Rose Hall

Rose Hall in Montego, Bay Jamaica
Rose Hall in Montego, Bay Jamaica

Built in the 1770s in Montego Bay, Jamaica, there lies a beautiful mansion, surrounded by a magnificent 1,250-acre property. But behind the beauty and magnificence, Rose Hall is known for much more than just its appearance. After being featured on television shows Scariest Places on Earth and Ghost Adventures, Rose Hall has been named one of the most haunted places in the world. According to legend, the ghost of the murdering, slave torturing Annie Palmer, also know as the White Witch, haunts the grounds of Rose Hall.

Annie Palmer: The White Witch of Rose Hall
Annie Palmer: The White Witch of Rose Hall

Annie Palmer was born in England to an English mother and an Irish father. Unfortunately, both of her parents fell ill and died of yellow fever. Soon after being orphaned however, she was adopted by her nanny, who reportedly taught her witchcraft and voodoo. Once she was of age, she soon moved to Jamaica where she met and married a wealthy landowner by the name of John Palmer. It is said that Annie was exceedingly beautiful, despite her short stature of only 4’11”. The White Witch received such a name from murdering John and two subsequent husbands, along with numerous slaves and slave lovers.

alsdfjgnAnnie enjoyed standing from the top balcony to watch slaves getting tortured, beaten, and executed in the courtyard. It’s said that she would take up a slave lover, and once she was tired of him, she would have him killed then force the other slaves to bury him by the beach. That same night she would select one of the slaves who buried her previous lover, and take them on as her new lover. Even the famous Johnny Cash wrote a song about the White Witch’s treatment of her slaves and her wicked ways called the “Ballad of Annie Palmer”.

On the island of Jamaica
Quit a long long time ago
At Rose Hall plantation
Where the ocean breezes blow
Lived a girl named Annie Palmer
The mistress of the place
And the slaves all lived in fear
To see a frown on Annie’s face

Ironically, Annie was killed by one of her slave lovers named Takoo. It is said that the ghost of Annie Palmer still haunts the grounds of Rose Hall and the surrounding plantation. Today, Rose Hall is owned by Michelle Rollins of Delaware, USA. After being extensively renovated, tourists are able to tour the grounds and see what’s left of Annie Palmers murderous reign. Although there has been historical discrepancies about the story of Rose Hall, I encourage you to visit should you ever travel to Jamaica- maybe even stay the night in Annie’s room if you’re feeling exceedingly brave.

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