Nepal Anticipates Ten Days of Rain After Earthquake Destroys Homes

The heart of Nepal breaks as power becomes limited, fuel reserves are low, there is little to no food and people everywhere have lost whatever home or shelter they may have had.

Nepal4Three days ago a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal taking approximately 3,350 lives, and the UN estimates 8 of the 27 million people may be affected. Since the earthquake, USGS has reported about 50 aftershocks varying between magnitudes 4.0 and 6.7.

As a developing country, Nepal already has a low-income economy. The Human Development Report in 2014 ranked the country 145th out of 187 countries. Because of the high poverty and hunger, Nepal is in need of donations more than ever.

nepalThe Food Security Cluster states that over 1.4 million people are currently in need of food assistance. The earthquake also disrupted Nepal’s agriculture, which may affect the food security in the coming months. Among food, there are other important needs such as water, medicine and shelter.

TCK, Alison Thompson, found her way to help after becoming a rescue volunteer during 9/11. She has created a group of now over 50,000 volunteers called “the Third Wave Volunteers”. Thompson said, “We have Sri Lankan and Indian volunteers on the ground all over Nepal. We know a girl at Nepal radio who updates me hourly.” As the volunteers continue to do all they can to help, Thompson updates her Facebook and Instagram to show the public the hurt in hopes of gaining more help.

Click here to find how you can help. Haiti Earthquake Relief

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