Experiencing the World Through Careers: The Military (Part 1 of 2)

U.S. Marines form up (Image by Joel Rivera Camacho via Unsplash)
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Traveling internationally for fun and leisure results in wonderful memories that last a lifetime, yet the same experiences can be had if one’s job is involved, especially if it’s in the military.

Experiencing a new culture, exploring new landscapes, and creating new connections is a certain way to improve someone’s outlook on life.

I have wished to travel internationally for the longest time, but budget restraints get in the way of my experience.

There are individuals who travel internationally on a consistent basis. They’re able to live each week or month in a different culture. Perhaps there is a moment in their travels where they connect well with a certain country. While their job may not allow them to permanently stay in one location, someone may have second thoughts in switching careers and settling into a new country.

Military B.R.A.T.
Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash

I am from a family of Military B.R.A.T.s who moved around as children. When old enough, they joined the military. My mother and grandfather were in the Navy, and my father was in the Marine Corps.

For myself, joining the military never interested me. However, it was fascinating to hear their stories of traveling from country to country and living within different cultures.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2017, so I am unable to fully communicate her experiences when traveling while in the Navy. From what I remember, she was stationed somewhere in the Caribbean. On a daily basis, she traveled from island to island all by herself in her early 20’s. I learned this from my father:

Your mom used to go around, by herself, island to island when she was around your age now. All by herself!

I don’t believe she was ever in combat as she was in the medical field as a nurse, but she spent numerous occasions on giant battleships. She was deployed to assist in Operation Desert Storm. This was towards the end of her time in the Navy.

I never heard any stories from her time being deployed over there or what she did specifically. In fact, most of the stories I hear are retold through my dad. I had no idea during her time in the Navy that she traveled all over the world and experienced several different cultures.

Without joining the Navy, she would have never been able to travel the world. My mom met my dad while they were stationed in Twentynine Palms, Cali., U.S.A. together.

U.S. Marines form up (Image by Joel Rivera Camacho via Unsplash)
U.S. Marines form up (Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash)

They didn’t connect over their similar travels and experiences through the military — they connected through American football. My dad sat next to my mom while the Dallas Cowboys (my dad’s team) were against the Pittsburgh Steelers (my mom’s team). Something clicked from that conversation, and they began dating.

They left the military together because they wanted to start a family. Perhaps they may have crossed paths at one point during Operation Desert Storm? Or possibly when my dad and mom were stationed somewhere in the Caribbean?

What I learned from hearing my mother’s experiences is that there is a world out there to explore. Having an occupation that allows someone to travel is an added perk.

It’s amazing to have a job where all you do is travel and experience the world. While I may never experience what my Military B.R.A.T. family did, I can learn about different cultures through them.

Hopefully the day will come where I secure a job that allows me to travel globally without restraint.

Photo by Michael Afonso on Unsplash
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